Dance Rites: A Celebration Of First Nations Dance - Sydney Opera House

25th November 2018


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Dance Rites 2018 | Live at Sydney Opera House




Media and Arts Agent Exchanges Banter With Sydney Opera House

Well done Yuggera. Their people (and Virgin Group and Richard Branson), made me feel so welcome and appreciated when I campaigned with them years ago in Brisbane. Together, as a team, we raised a lot of money and also achieved local, national and international news. I still have photos from that fantastic event. It was a major highlight of my career as a media agent and art promoter. I was delighted that Yuggera visited Sydney and have won an award at the world famous Sydney Opera House, via the Dance Rights event. It feels a bit 'State Of Origin' to me, being a former football player and all, with connections to both Sydney and Brisbane. Thank you and great respect to everyone who made today happen. The performance brought back many fond memories for me and has helped inspire me to get more current runs on the board in the media, arts and events world. We are all winners. I am looking forward to catching up with some Opera House powers that be in person in the near future to congratulate them in possible. No, I don't have an advertising pitch for the Sydney Opera House (not yet anyway, unless you want one) #aboriginalart #thisisaustralia #sydneyoperahouse


I would love to do some official event or media assistance for the Sydney Opera House in the near future. This afternoon I feel blessed to just do some moderate writing online on this, and help the world see more of what is Real Australia and Real Australian culture. Let's aim to get a direct communication happening in the near future. I'm primarily a media and sports agent, with art project management and community awareness campaign exp. I just love art and worthy community projects. I will be telling a lot of people about this. BTW, John Pilger who is known for powerful human rights documentaries is in town. I expect to be speaking with John within a week and I will make him aware of this too, if he's not already. Thanks for making it a most enjoyable afternoon and evening. Greg Tingle. Agent and Social and Community Entrepreneur

This Is Australia. Thank you. #thisisaustralia #sydneyoperahouse #aboriginalart



ABC Indigenous Exchange

More great coverage from the ABC such as this and we might just be able to see the ABC return to its former glory. I don't work for the ABC, but I have been interviewed by them a few times over the years, and I'm a media agent ex journalist. Just making the disclaimer. This is not cash for comment : ) lol PS: I would love to touch base with your media section in the near future. It's been just great to see this coverage this afternoon and this evening. Thanks. Greg



Sydney Morning Herald

DANCE First Nations contest Dance Rites gathers Indigenous performers from around the country to compete for the top prize. Watch the finals today or hear a musical set from Anishinaabe musician Leonard Sumner. 3.45-8.30pm, Sydney Opera House forecourt, free,



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Media agency looking forward to seeing ABC bounce back after scandal (if possible)

Media agency giving back when and where possible

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