David Otunga wins Media Man 'Community Entrepreneur Of The Month'

David Otunga wins Media Man 'Community Entrepreneur Of The Month' - March 2018


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WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) pro wrestler, announcer, actor and lawyer, David Otunga, has won the Media Man 'Community Entrepreneur Of The Month' award.

Otunga is a multi-talented individual in the fields of sports, entertainment, law and human rights campaigning.

He is a champion of men's rights and equality, and this came to a front in his successful battle to spend quality time with his son, following a well publicized split with his ex wife Jennifer Hudson.

Otunga has been championed as a great dad by numerous news media outlets including TMZ, and he has been hesitant not to criticize his ex wife (much) in the press, despite numerous lies coming from he Hudson camp. Media has not been so restrained in their coverage and commentary on the case, with Otunga clearly being a hard working man and loving father, and his ex appearing to be almost exclusivity financially motivated.

The case is regarded as having done much good for men's and fathers rights, and has demonstrated on a global platform that men's rights are equally as important as women's, and that it's time that this was more clearly understood in both the courtroom, family circles and media domain.

The sports entertainment identify is a champion in more ways that one, and we offer our public congratulations to this remarkable and multi talented individual. Justice is served!

Wishing you, your son and family the best champ.

Fellow WWE and sports industry identity, Dana Warrior (widow to the late, great, Ultimate Warrior), was runner up, and is a champion herself having represented numerous worthy causes. She is a WWE Ambassador & CEO of Ultimate Creations. #IBelieveAlways


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