Domain vs vs PurpleBricks vs Local Agent Finger media, marketing, advertising and online battle continues

Domain vs vs PurpleBricks vs Local Agent Finder media, marketing, advertising and online battle continues; Websites, apps, Sydney Buses advertising billboard fun and games continue, by Greg Tingle

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The battle for the real estate audience, eyeballs and imagination is alive and well, especially on the east coast of Australia.

Just about every morning I hear the local real estate agents talking property at my favorite cafes around Maroubra Beach and the junction.

Property listings are the lifeblood of the real estate sector in many regards.

Then there's the property development sector, which is closely related to the NSW Government departments, and you get picture.

The agents and their respective real estate agency brands, be it residential, commercial, or other want your imagination and attention. Volume equates to profit margin - the bottom line.

As we head towards the conclusion of 2007 the property sector may have cooled off - even dipped in some sectors, but the property brands are not slowing down their efforts to get your business.

If you want the numbers of what this much talked about sector is doing check out the features at the likes of The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian Financial Review and The Australian.

The Media Man group thought we would cover the property wars in Australia, as we've been reporting on niche sectors of most other types of business, as well as doing regular features on how competitive the media and new media business is, so here's your virtual real estate meets real estate business coverage.

Before you ask, yes, we've worked in and around the property sector in various capacities. Mainly doing media and publicity campaigns from some developers, and well as whipping up a story on real estate technology solutions. We've also taken part in a few usability studies / surveys, for the likes of Fairfax Media. Would we take on another real estate industry client campaign? Yes, - under the right circumstances.

If you want real colourful chat about real estate, just pop into your local cafe where your friendly real estate agents get their cuppa (and real estate gossip catch up).

Happy hunting.


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