G.I Joe 3 shoot set for early 2015; New director and Dwayne Johnson confirmed

G.I. Joe 3 shoot set for early 2015; New director and Dwayne Johnson confirmed
- 23rd June 2014


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New characters, a new director, and Dwayne Johnson. Here's the current state of G.I. Joe 3...

Paramount Pictures has already earmarked a third G.I. Joe movie for release in 2016, and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is one of those tasked with the job of making it happen. There's already been something of a spanner in the works, after director Jon M Chu - who helmed G.I. Joe: Retaliation - left the project early in development.

Di Bonaventura, speaking with Collider, confirmed that early chats with potential new directors have begun. But the priority? "We're negotiating with a writer right now, and once we close that deal - which should be any moment - then we'll have a story locked down".

The film's planned start date of January 2015 isn't going to happen though. "We are trying to get going, starting early next year", the producer admitted. "I think February or March is probably more realistic. We were originally shooting for January and I think it slid a little bit".

Dwayne Johnson is expected to return for the third movie, but as of now, it's unclear which other characters will be returning. di Bonaventura did confirm though that "there were some characters the fans were really shouting for us to put in, we’re gonna put in a few one of the ones that they know that would be new to the movie audience if they don’t know the mythology".