Hulk Hogan tipped to return to WWE TV in February 2014

Hulk Hogan tipped to return to WWE TV in February 2014

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At long last wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is to return to the WWE.

Numerous pro wrestling news services such as Pro Wrestling Observer, Pro Wrestling Torch and Wrestling INC advise that the Hogan signing (possible handshake deal) is done.

The Australian based Media Man agency has put feelers out, and all industry insiders contacted also say that Hogan is indeed returning to what many consider his true wrestling home - WWE (formally known as World Wrestling Federation)... where Hogan ruled the ring for the 80s and 90s.

Hulk Hogan’s contract with TNA ended in 2013 and ever since, rumors about his WWE return have been swirling.

As things stand, Hogan has agreed to return to WWE and make appearances in the build up to Wrestlemania 30, as well as on that show.

Unfortunately WWE doctors have been unable to medically clear Hogan, which rules out a match or any serious physical involvement.

It now appears that Hogan will be booked to return on the February 24, 2014 edition of Monday Night Raw, which is the raw after the Elimination Chamber 2014 PPV. This is a massive day for WWE, as the WWE Network launches at 11PM EST that same day, as Raw goes off the air.

WWE is planning to use Hogan and other major names from the past (including those not featured on Old School Raw) to bump a rating and create interest in the Network launch.

WWE is also negotiating with WCW icon and former Hogan friend and foe, Sting, and talks are ongoing.

On the surface it appears that the remainder of 2014 may be the year of the big men in the WWE - both inside and outside the ring, with COO Triple H leading the charge, and with Batista winning the Royal Rumble match to a mixed reaction, and Roman Reigns being the stand out star of the event. Not sure we would want to be in Daniel Bryan's shoe's at this time, regardless of his immense in ring ability and massive fan base. 2014 look to be the year of the giants and Hulk-A-Mania is about to run wild once again.

Hulk Hogan and John Cena

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