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Letter to The Editor - Soapbox - Facts From The Media Man - 26th November 2004

Dear Soapbox Editor

As an Internet broadcaster plus, my soap box idea might be worth a few bob or two.

I think that some segments of traditional media needs to stop being so "precious" about their big media companies.

Fact - internet and new media is here to stay

Fact - people are turning away from hard copy newspapers in droves and turning to respected and even the odd "out there" news sources, such as SMH - Fairfax Digital, Crikey and Mediaman

Fact - the traditional adverting market will continue to feel the heat from online adverting

Fact - TV portals such as 'Hottest On TV' are going to continue to build cred with the audience that used to watch TV, and that the public demands to have their voice (or vote) heard, and 'Hottest' is onto something big - 2.3 million hits p.m

Fact - online publishing and promotion works - witness Nige 54's 'Around The World In 80 *abes!' That's what I call a hot seller, and Nige 54 is a trail blazer in what authors websites are able to achieve

Fact - online dating companies are none to pleased with Vena McGrath's 'Secrets, Lies & Chat'. She more than adequately covers the nasty side of the web in her tell all tale.

Fact - SMH online is Australia's online news source (that's why I integrated your online news feeds)!

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Best Regards
Greg Tingle