Lingerie online and retail wars: Australian and international battle for the bedroom dollar

Lingerie online and retail wars; Australian and international battle for the bedroom dollar,
by Greg Tingle

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Honey Birdette

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You've likely heard of the brands: Victoria's Secret (thanks to the Fashion Show), Honey Birdette.. and Bondi Born.

All quite the media darlings... most of the time, or perhaps more accurately, they enjoy a bit of a love hat relationship with the media, mainly due to those feminists who frequently detest anything that make the female body look sexy.

Got to love the response of Honey Birette recently when the Fem's complained about the window dressing and advertising images they replaced them with every hotter and sexier images. Aren't you glad you live in Australia where advertisers still enjoy some liberty and freedom of expression in campaigns. Of late some of the betting companies have been under the microscope for their advertising practices down under in Australia, but that's another story...there's a lot of kill joys out there, and some of them have infiltrated Australian parliament where there push their own agenda's (for the good of the people.. yeah right).

Most Australia's we know enjoy the female body and also appreciate garments such as the lingerie form.

We're going to do more research around Bondi Beach, Maroubra and Double Bay and let the readers know the findings... so far the respondents are 99.9% in favor of lingerie and the fashion in which the brands advertise and promote the wares. No surprise there, but if anything changes and the tide turns around on the public's thoughts we will be sure to let you know.

To be continued...

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