Max Max movie franchise is almost writings its own script based on Australia's real life bushfires and water scandals teases Media Man agency

Mad Max movie franchise is almost writing its own script based on Australia's real life bushfires and water scandals teases Media Man agency

'The Wasteland' is becoming a reality

Will the movie be so strong that there may be attempts to ban it in Australia, the U.S and beyond?

Gonzo Journalism tale released while Australian bushfires continue to rage

Environmental awareness heightened

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Director: George Miller
Writers: Nick Lathouris (screenplay), George Miller (screenplay)

Gonzo Journalism by Greg Tingle

A Bondi Beach seagull, or was it a kookaburra also, told us that a number of real life themes based on Australia's real and current national bushfire emergency will significantly influence the next installment of the Max Mad franchise.

Do not necessarily expect a carbon copy, but some of the script is basically writing itself - so to speak.

The Media Man agency does not represent Max Mad, but they do have some contacts within. That's all your getting from us at the moment.

Fact or fiction? Science fiction is becoming science fact. Australian students have been studying the science of climate change and the like in classrooms around the sunburnt country of Australia.

You be the judge.

PS: buy water, we're running out!

And can the Australian Government please stop selling our water to overseas business interests? What's at stake? Oh, about the sustainability of life in Australia as we know it!


Image: Australian bushfires


Image: Australian bushfires


It will be set about a year before the opening scene of Fury Road. Since Fury Road was delayed so long it gave George Miller and his crew time to write two back stories for Max and Furiosa. The Wasteland is centred on Max and will be incredibly bleak according to Mark Sexton. Max will have his V8 Interceptor. Furiosa will not make an appearance in this film but Max will make an appearance in the planned Furiosa prequel/sequel movie.




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Peter Garrett

Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil



Fury Road's Gibson scores pre-Oscar win - 2nd February 2016

Australian production designer Colin Gibson has continued on what appears to be a golden road to an Oscar.

Gibson, for his work on Mad Max: Fury Road, claimed the Art Directors Guild award in the fantasy feature category at a ceremony in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

The battle for the Oscar on February 28 appears to be between Gibson and two other ADG winners, The Martian's Arthur Max who took the contemporary feature award and The Revenant's Jack Fisk for period feature.