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Maroubra beach closed as large sharks move in on giant baitfish school for an easy feed

Maroubra beach closed as large sharks move in on giant baitfish school for an easy feed, by MATTHEW CULLEN - 11 th February 2015

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A baitfish school like this one has attracted sharks just offshore at Maroubra beach.

MAROUBRA beach has been closed and lifesavers and the Westpac Life Saver helicopter called in after a 3m shark was sighted near shore for the second time this week.

Around 12.10 this afternoon a Blue Sky Helicopters pilot saw the large shark feeding on a massive baitfish school about 200m from shore at the beach.

He alerted the Westpac Life Saver crew who warned lifeguards and dispatched a helicopter to the scene.


Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter CEO Stephen Leahy said a very large school of baitfish had lured the shark to the area.

“The lifeguards closed the beach and they asked us to have a look as well,” Mr Leahy said.

On arrival the helicopter discovered a slightly smaller hammerhead shark had joined the feasting on the baitfish.

The helicopter crew and lifeguards on jetskis helped to break up the baitfish ball and drive the sharks further out to sea.

This was second time this week a large shark has been seen at Maroubra.

On Monday a much larger shark was spotted at the beach, again by pilots from Blue Sky Helicopters.

“There are a lot of baitfish and the water is still nice and warm at the moment which means the baitfish are hanging around longer,” Mr Leahy said.

“The sharks are simply following them.”

Lifeguards will stay abreast of the situation ahead of a Surf Life Saving Branch Age championships at the beach on Sunday which will see 1400 nippers descend on the beach.

“Lifeguards will always monitor the situation on the day and make a decision depending on a number of conditions,” Mr Leahy said.

“That is why people should always swim at patrolled beaches.

“It is not just that if they get into trouble they can be saved but they can be prevented from entering into dangerous situations.”

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