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News Media can be used as force for social good.

Media can shine a light on issues that deserve the light of day.

Stay tuned to the Media Man Network as we continue to cover (and get further involved) in Media For Good!


Virgin website 'Entrepreneur' writings, content inspiring and motivating millions; Media, business and technology for social good

Eco Living Expo by Randwick Council impresses local businesses and media

Hope found in whale dreamtime, by Greg Tingle - October 2008

Maroubra artists and creatives showcased via Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Maroubra Business Media

Potential Careers For Australian Students Standing Up For The Environment

A message of hope, strength, gratitude, thanks and appreciation of our sporting world brotherhood and sisterhood in this world's turbulent times

Father Dave Smith: Journey To Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - December 2018

The Beast wins Media Man 'Community Media' award

Sydney’s eastern beaches VS The Red Centre – Alice Springs; A media entrepreneur’s perspective and experiences, By Greg Tingle - September 2015

Take a leaf out of Bondi’s book and ban smoking on this ‘filthy’ street, says Maroubra resident, by Rebecca Franks - 7th June 2017

Virgin Founder, Sir Richard Branson Proposes Strategy to Tackle Climate Change -
16 March 2019

Jump on board, by Greg Tingle - August 2002

Bra Boys revive North Maroubra Boardriding club to get wayward youth off the streets and into the water, By James Taylor - 10th March 2015

Media agency giving back when and where possible, by Greg Tingle - 2018



Greg Tingle. Founder and Director, Media Man



Boxing, Wrestling and Martial Arts for social good - Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Australian Sports Entertainment

Eco Business Directory: Media Man Int and Media Man Australia online showcase and media opportunities

Onewave Launches Surfboard Partnership for Mental Health - March 22nd 2019

Surfers to clean up Sydney Harbour on Sunday 3rd March 2019

Maroubra Business Media, News and Promotions - August 2017



Save our children: Ken Shamrock at TEDxSalford

The Domino Effect | Thaddeus Bullard | TEDxUCLA

Bondi Beach photography and photo art by Greg Tingle - Media Man Int and Media Man Australia showcase

Sports Culture, Surf Culture and Beach Culture promotions, photography and photo art via Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Australian Sports Entertainment



Backtrack Boys review

The Third Wave (2007)

Website Reviews: Randwick City Council Beach Pollution website tested and usability study completed; Website reviewer and usability expert gun for hire




Power Of The Documentary (John Pilger). Photoart by Greg Tingle


There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Kid: How I Went from Stereotype to Prototype


Back on Track

Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography

Marketing Magazine networking. Photoart by Greg Tingle