Media, sports and streaming analyst responds to News Corp Australia boss social media commentary; Supports findings and adds more perspective

Media, sports and streaming analyst responds to News Corp Australia boss social media commentary; Supports findings and adds more perspective - 2nd September 2019


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Michael Miller
Executive Chairman at News Corp Australia

Each week Kayo Sports’ 382,000 subscribers are tuning in for about 8 hours of the best sports streams on offer with our average customer watching 6 of the 50 different sports available. The cricket alone reached 220,000 and, in the three months to June, our customers viewed 25 million hours of content. So what’s next for Kayo? Plenty, with footy finals in both the NRL and the AFL right around the corner. Well done to everyone involved. #streammoresport

Greg Tingle
Director, Media, Sales Director at Media Man Australia. Media Agent. Sales Gun. Subscriber TV 5 years. Media 10 years +

Thanks for releasing these numbers Michael. As a former Optus PPV (Wrestling, Boxing and Ethnic Channels gun), I appreciate this. Niche is also part of the present and future. I've got WWE Network and Netflix. I canned Stan, and have been considering Impact (Wrestling) +, mainly for Ken Shamrock matches. We know many of Disney Plus aka 'Netflix Killer' plans. Netflix is still a "friendly FAANG" by all accounts. Australian pro wrestling and MMA promotions are getting in on the streaming biz also. I know Kayo goes with UFC Fight Night, some wrestling docos and ESPN's MMA show, which is great. As WWE's Triple H says, everything is competition, even sleep! If Kayo ramps up Pro Wrestling, MMA and surfing we might try it again. Perhaps DAZN is smartly staying out of Australia with their Bellator, as there's only so many hardcore fans and new business to be gained. At present sleep is the competition. We still haven't got time to watch all the WWE PPV network specials, so now the Aussie's are being spoilt and I don't think all the streamers are going to be sustainable in the Australian market, even though its over the top (OTT). We are ramping up our coverage on the sector as you may ascertain. Thanks again for the numbers. Greg Tingle


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