Movie trailer promotions; Good, bad or indifferent for mover goers, critics and the business of film making

Movie trailer promotions; Good, bad or indifferent for movie goers, critiques and the business of film making, by Greg Tingle

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Movie making is a business. Well, in the current era it is primarily, as well as of course being an artform, a creative outlet etc.

Films (most) are designed to make money - an ever increasing challenge circa 2017 when there are thousands, tens of thousands of movies and documentaries available for free on the internet, and then you have the YouTube, Netflix Factor, and you get the picture.

Don't even start us on the professional film pirates who are helping kill the industry.

Sure, Hollywood has been known for greed and excess since the beginning of time but now the tables have turned somewhat where now its a lot more difficult for a motion picture to turn a profit not to mention an actor being able to enjoy a sustainable career in the industry.

There's been alot of debate about the merit of producing movie trailers. Trailers have a few specific goal - build interest in the movie, get exposure, and get the audience to pay to see the film. In the old days it was all about getting them into a cinema, but now there's digital downloads, movie steaming platforms, merchandise such as movie themed games and action figures, and so it goes on. See the movie, play the game, buy your hero - you get the idea.

There is a case to be made that if you find out too much about the movie, including seeing too many previews, it will spoil the movie for you - hence Spoilers.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has got upset at at least one television presenter recently for giving away too much of the movie info and overall plot via an interview. Hardcore superhero movie fans will see the movie anyway, but for some potential audience if they hear too much about the upcoming picture they might not bother to buy a ticket and will just wait until a commercial television company broadcasts the movie for free - adverts and all.

Media and advertising agencies such as ours generally like the idea of movie trailers, as they are another entity to help promote and create buzz, ideally for a fair fee negotiated with the client. The same formula basically holds true for television commercials and such. What's the project. What's the expectation - the reach. Content - promo - buzz - result - remuneration, and ideally the movie or advertisement promo is well received by all parties. Then the production company will have further confidence to produce yet another flick.

The cycle should go something like this: Write the script (movie, TV show or advertisement), cast the actors, secure the funds, get the location, shoot, edit. Get in 'in the can'... you know the lingo right. As Sports Entertainment / Super Agent and WWE manager Paul Heyman of the Heyman Hustle would say Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat. Might be easy for Heyman and his client Brock Lesnar to say, but for Hollywood heavyweights it's not getting any easier for studios to keep pumping out box office hit followed by another.

As my late mentor Joy Hruby told me. It's Show Business. You have to put the business in the show, or there's no show. Let's hear it for the studios, the productions companies, the talent, and even all those behind the scenes who help us stay entertained.

When you think about it, show business and producing entertainment is also about escapism to a certain point. Escapism for the workers, and escapism for the audience.

Ok. Now that we've hopefully entertained and educated you for a few minutes here it's time for everyone to get back to work. Remember, work hard - play hard. Thanks for your patronage.

To be continued...


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