Mums' bare necessity

Mums' bare necessity - 3rd December 2004
(Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald)

A group of mothers has launched a nude calendar to raise funds for a new kindergarten in their coastal Queensland town.

The Yummie Mummies Bear All calendar hit the streets of Airlie Beach in Queensland's Whitsundays region today.

Project leader Fiona Van Blarcom said the region was going through a population boom and desperately needed a new kindergarten.

The calender concept was inspired by Mrs Van Blarcom hearing about a group of older Tasmanian women who successfully raised funds for a new hall by posing nude.

Former Melburnian Mrs Van Blarcom said 13 mothers aged between 30 and 46, including herself, agreed to bare all with teddy bears in a picture shoot at the kindergarten.

Mrs Van Blarcom is no stranger to controversy.

Her husband Dan gained national fame this year when disendorsed as a Queensland election candidate by the Nationals for the seat of Whitsunday because of alleged links with the Nazi Party in his youth in the 1970s.

Mr Van Blarcom, a well known Whitsundays identity and community worker, had claimed he was working as an undercover operative for the Australian government.

Mrs Van Blarcom said some of the calendar participants were reluctant to pose at first but realised it was for a worthy cause and made them feel good about themselves.

Husbands and partners were consulted about the photos but Mrs Van Blarcom said the calendar was being pitched at women.

"It's not for the mechanic's wall, we're hoping other mums will want to buy it," the mother of two small boys said.


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