Nick Fordham wins Media Man 'Promoter Of The Month'

Nick Fordham wins Media Man 'Promoter Of The Month'


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Nick Fordham, CEO of The Fordham Company, has won the Media Man 'Promoter of the Month' award.

Nick is quickly becoming an industry veteran, took over the family business in 1997, and has helped it evolve and migrate across to the digital age.

The Fordham Company never set out to be the biggest player in the Australian media, sport and entertainment management field when it was established over three decades ago.

Its mission, though, was to be regarded as the best at what it does, and many would agree that they have succeeded in that goal.

Congratulations to Mr. Fordham and his world class team and organisation.

Nick Fordham and associate John Murray. (Credit: Fairfax Media)


The Fordham Company


Runner Ups:

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff and his one time rival, Vince McMahon, who welcomed him to WWE Monday Night RAW!

Eric Bischoff, best known for his run as the boss of American's World Championship Wrestling, and prior to that, announcer at the defunct AWA (American Wrestling Alliance). Bischoff is one of professional wrestling most polarizing figures. He is the only person in history that ever posed a serious challenge to Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment (then World Wrestling Federation). Bischoff is widely believed to be responsible for the nWo (New World Order) faction which become a world wide phenomena in circa 1996, after Hulk Hogan joined Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

He credits numerous people for learning the pro wrestling business including the late Verne Gagne and Dusty Rhodes. He was never a fan of Bill Watts, and Watt's involvement in the WCW facilitated EB leaving prior to he later nWo success in the mid 1990's. He has also enjoyed a sometimes turbulent relationship with Ric Flair over the decades, and this has largely been patched up from what we understand.

The promotional genius is also the cofounder of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television which produced dozens of successful programs and projects. He was also on the management team of MX Gaming, which enjoyed solid success, leveraging off his significant business, entertainment and technology world connections. A number of his associates had a game done in their likeliness including Hulk Hogan, Dennis Rodman and David Hasselhoff.

Bischoff's other ventures include gaming and more recently, podcasting, with his entertaining 83 Weeks show which documents the Monday Night Wars, of which WCW beat the WWF in the ratings for 83 weeks.



83 Weeks Facebook

Eric Bischoff official website


Let's Go Surfing

3rd place: Brenda Miley

Brenda Miley nabs 3rd place for 'Promoter Of The Month'. Who you ask? Brenda is one of Australia's great sports and lifestyle promoters in history according to industry insiders. She is the director and founder of world renown surfing school, Let's Go Surfing, which calls Bondi Beach (North Bondi to be specific) home.

Much of the school's success can also be attributed to partner Craig Wachholz, who is the managing director, and a keen surfer also as you would expect.

Surfing is one of the most competitive industries in the world, as is the lifestyle and tourism sector, and she has proven her amazing ability time and time again over the decades.

Brenda is a keen surfer herself, and is touring the world much of the time, a position which her hard and smart work over the years has afforded her. She is a true example of making a passion your work, so you never have to word a day in your life. Way to go Brenda.

Keep checking the Let's Go Surfing website for updates, and Brenda and her team have expanded the business greatly in recent years and they now also sport an office and school at Maroubra Beach and Byron Bay.

We expect to hear more great news from Brenda and her team, so keep checking the Media Man Group websites for developments.


Let's Go Surfing