Nostalgia still sells; Wrestling fans call for WWE old school faction: Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac; Paul 'Mr Wonderful' Orndorff as corporate advisor - 2017

Nostalgia still sells; Wrestling fans call for WWE old school faction: Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac; Paul 'Mr Wonderful' Orndorff as corporate advisor, by Greg Tingle - 2017

Escape from Australian media's saturation coverage of Nine vs Ten, The Bachelorette, The Block, My Kitchen Rules et al, even though we find them somewhat entertaining also...

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From the get go, I want to make something clear - I love professional wrestling, or as WWE top brass coined it years ago, 'Sports Entertainment'.

Fact is, if I didn't still find it entertaining, I wouldn't be watching it anymore. I've been a fan since I was about 5 years old - so have many other people. The WWE audience is getting older. We've all heard about the "aging population" right?

Guess what, an aging population also has a tie in to 'old money'. i.e.: disposable cash to spend on life's little luxuries, be it a holiday overseas, the WWE Network, Netflix, or dare I say it - WWE merchandise and event tickets.

For my money, WWE is in an interesting business and cultural identify dilemma at present. What fans should they be most catering towards.

Traditionally there are 2 or 3 main groups of fans. 1. Hardcore fans, who will accept and go for just about anything the WWE produces - television, internet, live matches, merch et al. Then there's the more casual fans, who are a little more discerning with their entertainment dollar, viewing habits and ticket budgets, and then there's the non-fans, who get dragged into the stuntmen meets soap opera shows from family and friends. Some of the non fans of course become fans.

Add to the current demo breakdown the fact that an estimated 40-45% of the audience are women, and you can see that in a way WWE is catering for everyone, but in another vein they are catering to one one, other than to their own corporate ledger, which has apparently seen better days, but that is also somewhat speculative. I hadn't seen their real books, and unless you are Mr McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie, or George A. Barrios - chances are you haven't either, so even us media analysts have to use speculation and leaked information to draw our conclusions. And, we don't always get it right 100% either, but that's another story for the Gonzo Journalism's Guide To Pro Wrestling.

Did we mention that while nostalgia talk in the WWE circles is abuzz, 'down under' in Sydney, Australia, a documentary based on Australia's glory days of World Championship Wrestling entitled 'Over The Top' rope is about to be publicity launched at the Canada Bay Club in Sydney. Now, those DVD's will sell like hotcakes. Why? Because they are different, wrestling legends will be on hand for photos and discussion, and most importantly, the promoter has connected with his audience, albeit, a niche one. They are giving the fans what they want. Ring any bells up their for our American friends. Don't get us wrong, the Yank's also give their audience what they want - sometimes. The WWE machine is more a media and entertainment company these days, rather than a pro wrestling outfit, and that predicament is a double edged sword. WWE is almost at the mercy of their advertisers, sponsors, and to their broadcasting partners, whereas other pro wrestling based operations are not.

Whipping back to the aging population - aging audience. Most of them / us know about the golden era of the WWWF when Bruno Sammartino was the king of Madison Square Garden, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Terry Funk and the Brisco's dominated the NWA, and Tiger Mask, Giant Baba and Jumbo Tsuruta ruled Japan, and then there's the glory days circa 1980 - to 1990 when Hulk-A-Mania ruled the WWF, and 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper and friends terrorized Hulk Hogan on a monthly, if not weekly basis.

World Class Championship Wrestling also was a major global force in the pro wrestling industry from circa 1981-1985 under the iron fist of promoter / owner / wrestler Fritz Von Erich. Based in Texas with its home arenas being the Reunion Arena, and the Sportatorium. Numerous family tragedies and associated scandals are the widely accepted reason for the promotions demise. Even today many fans still remember the promotions mainstream star: Kerry Von Erich, as known as 'The Modern Day Warrior' and 'The Texas Tornado. Kerry was the only one of the brothers who made it big time in the WWE (then World Wrestling Federation).

Little wonder the WWE has of late being adding many more classic matches and angles / feuds from yesterday into it's Hidden Gems and Collections series. People have a tendency to look back at their careers, their lives, growing up, the good old days are such. Pastimes such as watching old wrestling matches and listing to music from the 70's bring back fond memories for many people.

Today's entertainment audiences are pretty fickle. This is easy enough to understand. As I write this article, initially in an online form, their are millions, or possibility billions, of websites I could be looking at for entertainment (or business) purposes. Rather than enjoying a wrestling match, television show or movie (hello Netflix, Amazon Movies and YouTube Movies), I am writing a somewhat unique article on professional wrestling, with an emphasis on history, tradition, nostalgia and you get the idea. Ever heard the expression: Older is better or The Original And Best. Many folks feel the same way about what pro wrestling used to be.

All respect to the crop of tremendous current day WWE superstars such as Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Brock Lesnar, Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, The Miz, Finn Balor, Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Roode, Elias (that name is going to get me some heat), Cesaro (should have been World Champion by now in this writers opinion, and others). The current talent pool is tremendous but many feel that better storylines are required. On that topic, we kind of like 'The Fashion Files', staring Tyler Breeze and Fandango. Lately these guys have been hilarious doing throwback skits and even have the ability to make otherwise almost forgettable wrestlers such as The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor) look like true stars. Actually, all 4 of these guys together is a masterstroke. Was it Michael P.S. Hayes or Pat Patterson who parried these 4 together? Fellas, when you and the top brass of the WWE read this, You are on the right track with this. More of this stuff. Pulp Fiction and Miami Vice references.. Yes! Yes! Yes! Seriously, do something great with a return of Hulk Hogan, some NWO friends, perhaps a Paul Orndorff and some old school Bad Asses in a faction, and business will be set to pick up.

Quick shout out to WWE NXT. Some amazing talent in the ranks who are getting valuable experience in preparation for hitting the real big time on the WWE main roster. Kudos to Paul Ellering and the Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar). It took them a few months to get over but Ellering and the Author's are looking very strong. Definite potential for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Major surprises sell and generate major media and mainstream entertainment attention. How about a surprise challenge for a title from wrestling and MMA living legend Ken Shamrock? Sounds outrageous, but how about it? Shamrock, much like UFC's Conor McGregor, could kick the buts of probably 90% of the locker room for real, so why not let this play out on WWE television, such we are apparently in the era of Realism, thanks to the internet dirt sheets and all. Yeah yeah, we did an interview with Mr. Shamrock, but that doesn't take away the fact that his appearance would draw a tremendous audience for WWE, both on television and at events. Ditto for Hulk Hogan. Look, most people stuff up in their lives at some point. If your Hogan and there's cameras, paps et all around something not so good is going to leak out at some point.

Not so sure about Shamrock and Hogan? How about a bet on a cleanskin (as far as we know), like Paul 'Mr Wonderful' Orndorff. Paul, perhaps get a shave, but other than that, many folks can see you as a major heel manager / advisor, who can help elevate existing and new talent. We would have mentioned Roddy Piper also, but sadly 'Hot Rod' is no longer with us.

WWE Movie News...

Great to hear the positive developments behind the scenes on the Vince McMahon bio entitled Pandemonium. Bradley Cooper has been tapped to play an up and coming Mr. McMahon. This film can't happen soon enough. WWE needs a major shot in the arm like a 'Iron' Mike Tyson angle, Hogan return and / or Old School faction with Orndorff and Shamrock impact to help further establish the WWE as a major pop culture powerhouse, as well as further lift the all important WWE bottom line.

The Time Is Now!

WrestleMania 34 is in line of sight now again with the showcase of the immortals penned in April 8, 2018, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Obviously a major goal would be a legit sellout of the arena, as well as major merch sales, further WWE Network subs and so on, so for the cementing of the company's further they had better throw everything they can at it. And, if they haven't already got it (or got them), get working and sign them up, and keep promoting what some may say is still the Greatest Show On Earth. Comon' McMahon, time to challenge P.T. Barnum for the title. You want to be the greatest showman of all time? The time is now.



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