Sideshow Collectibles current promotions

Sideshow Collectibles current promotions

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Film, Comic and Gaming Collectibles from Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics & more. Collect Sixth Scale Action Figures, Statues, Prop Replicas & Life-Size Figurines.


We haven’t forgotten our humble beginnings in a cramped garage, staffed with a handful of over-ambitious, under-nourished friends, and feel great satisfaction in knowing that our creative and business mission has not changed. We’ve enjoyed bringing these iconic characters into the lives of collectors over the past 20 years, and look forward to the continued celebration of the art of our popular culture.

Company Overview

In 1994, Sideshow embarked on a mission to connect people with their favorite icons from the worlds of comics, films and television. Over the past 20+ years, this crazy plan to celebrate Pop Culture has matured into a uniquely successful endeavor – one sustained by a passionate worldwide community that is committed to the lifestyle of collecting figural art.

We at Sideshow are a truly multi-cultural mix of artists, administrators and geeks who spend an arguably ‘unhealthy’ amount of time immersed in the realms of our multiple pop culture licenses and proprietary properties. Because we have the same passion for quality and authenticity as our collectors, we’ve forged collaborative relationships with filmmakers and special effect houses including Guillermo del Toro, Stan Winston Studio, Legacy Effects, Spectral Motion, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. and KNB Effects. The combined effort of these freaks, geeks and artistic savants is an award-winning offering of limited edition collectible figures in a wide range of different scales, primarily: 1:6, 1:4, 1:2 and life-size.

Our creations originate from a wide range of properties, including Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Indiana Jones, Terminator, Predator, Alien, Disney, Avatar, Transformers and G.I. JOE, and many others. Sideshow’s own proprietary product lines reflect the passions of our in-house artists, including dinosaurs (Sideshow’s Dinosauria), zombies (The Dead), and historically accurate figures (Live By The Sword, Fife and Drum, Brotherhood of Arms, Six Gun Legends, Bayonets and Barbed Wire), with more to come.

Avengers Promotion



Wolverine Jacket and Dog Tag promotion

 Wolverine Jacket and Dog Tag Set

Mystique Legendary Scale Bust promotion

 Mystique Legendary Scale Bust

Faux Bronze Original Iron Man Statue promotion

 Faux Bronze Original Iron Man Statue

Hulk Comiquette - Sideshow Exclusive

 Hulk Comiquette - Sideshow Exclusive

Thor Life-Size Bust promotion

 Thor Life-Size Bust


Women of Marvel: Storm Comiquette promotion

 Women of Marvel: Storm Comiquette

Captain America Premium Format promotion

 Captain America Premium Format