Social and Community Entrepreneurs Of The Month: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, James Packer and Richard Branson - 3 Way Tie

Social and Community Entrepreneurs Of The Month: Dwayne 'The Rock; Johnson, James Packer and Richard Branson: 3 Way Tie - April 2018

Runners up: Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea), David Otunga and Titus O'Neill

Worthy Cause Of The Month: Warrior Award; Runner Up: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Local Community Champion Of The Month: Marissa Ely (Maroubra Community)

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Dwayne 'The Rock; Johnson and girlfriend Lauren Hashian


Welcome to the return of the Media Man monthly awards, and we have got a swag of extremely worthy winners and runner ups this month of April.

As you may have heard or figured out already, it's WrestleMania season, so we though we would give some extra consideration to the men and women in and around the professional wrestling (sports entertainment) industry.

Not be alarmed, not every single entity is a wrestler, but many are. But, they are all so much more than whatever their main occupation happens to be.

As the founder and director of the Media Man group, I am aware of the responsibility which goes with working in the media, as well as announcing awards, of a community and humanitarian nature no less.

For the record, I have met and chatted with a number of these community champions, namely Dwayne Johnson, Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea), Richard Branson and Marissa Ely, who is definitely not a wrestler, but is a community champion in my estimation. I document this so readers know I have experienced and witnesses their passion, authenticity and warmth via a first hand encounter. We're not just repeating stories we may have heard or read. This is a real and raw, and pardon the puns if you happen to be a fan of sports entertainment.

As we covered elsewhere recently, public kudos to Australia's James Packer, one of our most prominent businessmen, for publicly speaking on health matters, namely public health. Billionaires are not immune from depression either. When I think about it, I first experienced depression when I noticed my late father was becoming very unwell, having contracted cancer, and later when he passed away that effected me greatly. The next bout with the 'black dog' was when my ex marriage was collapsing, with the love going out of the relationship, elements of financial abuse (I won't go on further about that here today), considerable financial loss (sale of the family home), and of course the family breakdown in general, which also led to me not seeing my daughter as much as I ideally would have liked to. Yes, my ex marriage cost me in financial terms about half a million bucks, but it was the cumulative effect, with the loss of what was once a successful marriage and family, and the subsequent breakdown. There's more to my own story. I will just document here that I have a ton of awards and commendations to my name, both in business and in sports. I have researched the lives of a number of very successful sportspersons, Olympic champions and so on, and I can draw a parallel to my own life. After you have won, then what next? I was a Rugby Union champion (First Fifteen Warringah Rats - Rugby Union). Also Australian Army Reserve - Fittest and Most Improved Recruit (Northern Beaches), and also Employee and Salesperson Of The Month at both Optus and Telstra. These are accomplishments and memories, but continue to achieve significant things in the course of my business and life, but mainly in the media / sports agent / promoter and community entrepreneur fields of endeavor. My biggest accompaniments? I am still alive, I am predominantly happy, I own and operate a "successful" (whatever that word means anyway) media, communications and advertising services company, and I get to follow and participate in a number of sports, which is a reality I created, as part of my goal to have the best life I can, and for those close to me. For more details on my own story of trials, tribulations and triumphs, you will have to keep reading exclusives on the Media Man network of websites.


The personalities:

Dwayne 'The Rock; Johnson: the world knows of this amazing man. I met Dwayne at the conclusion of the 'Hercules' red carpet event in Sydney circa 2014. He didn't know at the time that I was also media, but what impresses me greatly about Dwayne is that he makes time for the fans, even if he's running behind schedule. My girlfriend at the time and I were covering the event, and we decided to create an artwork of 'The Rock'. Well, it caught his eye, and he complimented me, and even went on to sign in 'Great Art: Dwyane Johnson". He was swamped with media and fans, but he appreciated the effort. Down the track he would have figured out that I'm also media. His Seven Bucks Productions has heard from us on a number of occasions and we share a number of mates and associates in the business. Personally, I hope he becomes President Of The United States one day. Lastly, but not least, 'The Great One' has publicly told of his sometime struggle with depression, and also of the time his mother attempted suicide. It takes a brave man who is very comfortable about who he is, to disclose these things to the world.

James Packer: Australian gaming and hotel tzar. Formerly one of Australia's most wealthy persons. In March Packer disclosed that he was taking time off and resigned from the Crown Resorts board due to health reasons, namely mental health issues. James has clearly figured out what and who is important in his life. Packer's disclosure also made me feel more comfortable to open up more about some of my experiences with depression. Any taboo or stigma associated with mental health is all but gone.

Richard Branson: I first met Mr Branson in 2010, as my business dealings with Virgin Group were peaking. We flew up to Brisbane and coordinated with some clients to meet the eccentric and colourful, sometimes controversial billionaire. We had a quick chat and I told him that I very much appreciated the opportunity to have done some very good business with his firm, and that it was great to finally meet. With that said, we did a toast. Later in the evening more photos were taken and later sold. I think wrote more about the event as you might expect. Mr Branson often writes and speaks about work / business, life and happiness. Passion, not giving up, and following your heart and dream are prominent themes of his advise to others

Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea). By all accounts a gentle giant, as was his late mentor, Andre The Giant. I met Terry in 2009 at Sydney Airport, as he flew in on the same flight at 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair. Hogan and Flair both stopped and chatted, and signed my DVD's. These guys are switched on and can spot a true fan from a fake fan a million miles away. I first saw 'The Hulk' wrestle (against Paul Orndorff) via way on Nine's Wide World Of Sports in 1985 when I was living at Chapel Hill, in Brisbane's western suburbs. It was not only Hogan's size that impressed me, it was his speed, charisma, and being able to make a comeback from Orndorff's piledriver move, hulking up, throwing massive punches, a big kick, and the world famous leg drop. The Madison Square Garden crowd went nuts, or as WWE top brass assistant Pat Patterson would say, 'Banana'. I later showed my dad the match on tape and he was also suitably impressed. Dad used to drive trucks on the Sydney waterfront with 'The Balmain Tiger' George Barnes, who was also an excellent part time Australian based professional wrestler.

David Otunga: A current announcer with the WWE and if I'm correct, a former Tag Team Champion. Otunga by trade is a lawyer, which was no doubt appealing to one or two key people in upper management of the WWE. Mr Otunga endured and won a well publicized legal struggle with his ex wide over custody of their child. Long story but you read all the details on TMZ Sports, who more often than not gets the WWE scoops. Fox Sports, Rolling Stone, ESPN, CBS and others are starting to cover the WWE more frequently these days, but in my estimation TMZ Sports is still # 1. Mr Otunga is a brave and courageous individual for bearing his sole and family situation in his quest to spend more time with his son who he loves very much. Some may refer to this as Father's rights or parents rights, but I say Human Rights. Family matters of this nature should be treated fairly and respectfully, with the future of the child as being of paramount importance. In addition, the wellbeing of both parents, not just one of them, because one may be the mother, and one the father. Women have fought for equality for the longest time, and I would agree that things should be equal, for the most part, between men and women. In a healthy relationship, its also up the the man and the woman to assume roles, and to work out who does what role and so on. If a family breakdown occurs this can be difficult for all parties concerned, including all family members and even some friends and associates.

Titus O'Neil: Titus has an amazing story. As he tells on his TED Talk, he is the product of a rape. His hero is his mum. I'm not the biggest fan of his wrestling style or moves, but I am a huge fan of the man himself. He overcame the odds and works closely in communities supporting and encouraging others who may have had their own challenges. Titus is just a wonderful human being and I hope to meet him one day

Dana Warrior: The widow of the late, great, Ultimate Warrior (Jim Hellwig). Dana works closely and often in collaboration with the WWE and especially in the WWE Community arm, and is heavily involved with the Warrior Award, which is handed out every year in WrestleMania season. Dana's writings and public speaking are inspiring, and her heroes are her children and her ex husband of course

Marissa Ely: Maroubra local identify. She is the founder and director of Maroubra Community, a popular and impressive social media (Facebook primarily) based media platform that covers all things Maroubra, from local news, events, promotions, advertising opportunities, and more. Ms. Ely has gone public with her challenges as a person who was diagnosed with high functioning Asperger's in June 2016. Marissa works tirelessly for the social good in and around Maroubra and the surrounding region. Read about her upcoming event Autism and Me, which will take place at Randwick Town Hall on April 29. More details here and here.

So folks, that's just a few amazing people that I consider community champions and worthy of public acknowledgment. I love the craft of journalism and covering great people, as well as shining a light on matters of Australia and indeed the world. I'm already looking forward to our May awards, and I can think of a number of individuals who are in the running for their name to go up in lights also. We can only have so many winners each month, so stick with us us.

Huge congratulations to the winners and finalists.

We will see many of you around the traps, be it Maroubra Beach or Bondi Beach, locals cafes, community events, or even at the wrestling and Australian fans, don't forget the WWE Global Warning show is due to be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground this October, so we might even see you there.

Friend, as Dwayne Johnson says, if you are going through a rough patch, 'You are not alone'. Fortunately there are numerous help services established in Australia and abroad. If you are going through challenges don't be afraid to speak with fiends, associates, or even drop past a medical centre and speak with a medical professional. It's well acknowledged that exercise and nature are good for overall heath, so certainly don't discount these things if your not feeling the best

Support is available for those who may be distressed by phoning Lifeline 13 11 14; Mensline 1300 789 978; Kids Helpline 1800 551 800; beyondblue 1300 224 636.

Here's a few websites of reference while we still have your attention:

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Hulk Hogan vs The Rock. WrestleMania 18. Photo credit:

James Packer and Richard Branson. Australian Grand Prix circa 2010. Photo credit:


David Otunga. WWE broadcaster, pro wrestler, lawyer and humanitarian


Titus O'Neil. WWE pro wrestler (sports entertainer), community campaigner and public speaker


Maroubra Community Facebook. Marissa Ely is the founder and director


Dana Warrior on far right. WWE Community Website. Ultimate Warrior official website


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