Sports and media agent discusses professional wrestling aka sports entertainment with retired wrestler Bob Cook; Social media brings fans, wrestlers and industry together

Sports and media agent discusses professional wresting aka sports entertainment with retired wrestler Bob Cook; Social media brings fans, wrestlers and industry together - October - November 2018


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Some background on professional wrestling aka 'sports entertainment'...

Professional wrestling is part soap opera, part making movies, part amateur wrestling with acting and showbiz and even part Shakespeare play with stunt performers. When done right many pro wrestling authorities would say great wrestling is a work of art worthy of an Oscar. It takes 2 (at least) people to put on a great match and often there is a "booker" involved to lay out / script the match. Almost always the winner is predetermined (unless something goes wrong in the match such as injury) and the participants go out there to tell a story with an idea of what move sets, holds, theatrics et al will be displayed, be it to a crowd of 10 to in excess of a 100,000 people.

The Media Man team have a deep passion and love for the business of professional wrestling, sometimes called "sports entertainment" (coined by WWE's Vince McMahon).

In the part number of years pro wrestling is being hotly discussed and debated via the internet's social media, forums and the like. From time to time Media Man participates in these discussions. It's a good thing that professional wrestling is part of the mainstream pop culture landscape, and the popularity of this unique form of entertainment is still on the rise, despite what many experts would say is an over exposed marketplace. The WWE produces somewhere in the region of 15 hours of new sports entertainment television per week, while other promotions would struggle to produce one hour of action. Fortunately, social media channels such as YouTube are giving promotions a platform to put out their product, be it WWE, NWA, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, PWA Australia, IWA or special attraction shows such as ALL IN, which is available on platforms such as FITE. For most of the world WWE is sports entertainment, but for many, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Impact Wrestling and the legendary NWA are PRO WRESTLING.

The Media Man Group including Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Australian Sports Entertainment is delighted to be able to cover the business of professional wrestling in the course of their business, and on the odd occasion, we're even involved in the business, sometimes noticeable, other times not!

Recently we exchanged in a bit of banter with retired professional wrestler, Bob Cook, who competed in many U.S based wrestling promotions over the decade. Mr Cook also enjoyed a friendship with legendary stuntman Evel Knievel. The Knievel Snake River Canyon jump was promoted with assistance by boxing promoter Bob Arum's company, Top Rank Productions, to put the event on closed-circuit television. The stunt gained worldwide publicity but was not a commercial success. Even World Wrestling Federation's Vince McMahon lost money, but the stunt that took place on September 8, 1974 is still talked about today. Why? It's showbiz, its action and contained a high element of danger. Japan's FMW wrestling promotion may have drawn some inspiration from Knievel stunts, or was it war movies, with dangerous matches incorporating fire and explosions, as participants such as Terry Funk, Atsushi Onita, Terry Funk and Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) risked their lives to put on a hell of a show. If movie director Quentin Tarantino was going to lay out a pro wrestling match, maybe it would reassemble FMW's aptly named Deathmatch. Today's most violent matches, storylines and themes are likely found in Lucha Underground and Lucha VaVOOM, but sports entertainment powerhouse, the WWE, would have you believe it's HELL IN THE CELL or TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs). As you can see, pro wrestling is very subjective and anyone call be an armchair athlete. After all, they are not really trying to win in the true sense of the word. They are trying to entertain and put on a good show, and in the vast majority of cases they succeed. Of course, one person's 5 star match may be anothers 1 star, or even Visa Versa. Pro wrestling legends Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Mick Foley, Harley Race, and Andre The Giant's matches could be interpreted in different ways. It depends who you ask. At the WWE Super Show-Down Australia's Buddy Murphy put on an amazing pro wrestling match with Cedric Alexander, but many people will better remember Triple H vs The Undertaker and AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe, but for different reasons. Pro wrestling is a combination of many things. One thing is for sure, it takes real guts and skills to get in the ring and perform. Always remember to respect all of the performers, from retired pros such as Bob Cook, through to worldwide attractions such as Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Chris Jericho. Enjoy pro wrestling and be kind to each other when discussing what is possibly the world's most polarizing form of entertainment. - Greg Tingle, founder and director, Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Australian Sports Entertainment.

Bob Cook as Masked Superstar

Greg Tingle Always good to see and hear of fans who are both smart, respectful and appreciative of the business and the performers, regardless of age, race, sex or promotion. There's a great verse entitled "The Man In The Arena". Curtis Axel made me aware of it a few years ago. Its theme is about only the person in the ring really knows what it's like. Every one else is a critic. I was a professional sportsman in years gone by (rugby union and running). I didn't quite have what it took to become a boxer or wrestler on a professional basis, but I had dozens of sparing matches to get a feel for it, injuries included. For me, I enjoy finding out about the wrestlers / performers back story, and what they overcome in their personal and professional life. Shawn Michaels was once enhancement talent. Triple H was once 'jobbed over" for a year or so for breaking kayfabe etc in the curtain call. Ronda Rousey was once living in a car. Dwayne Johnson once had $7 bucks to his name, endured, and became number 1 in wrestling and movie box office. They are inspiring stories to me. The bell to bell action is just part of the story for me. Being a sports and media agent for 15 plus years may give me a different perspective to some. I respect them all. I'm going to do some mainstream media coverage about these aspects of professional wrestling and pro sports. Thanks for your ongoing commentary. Greg Tingle. Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia.


Jesse 'The Body' Ventura and Bob Cook


Evel Knievel and Bob Cook



An upcoming event we found out about via Bob Cook's Facebook

CWF Legends FanFest 4

Join us as the legends and history of Championship Wrestling from Florida are celebrated once again at CWF Legends FanFest 4 on November 3rd. Our Featured Guests are Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco, two Wrestling Legends as well as WWE Hall of Famers! Both men were headliners in the territories for decades (including Championship Wrestling from Florida), both were influential in the WWF Expansion in 1983, and later they worked together in The Attitude Era as Mr. McMahon’s “Stooges." Pat and Jerry will be making their first non-WWE joint appearance EVER, and this is very rare fanfest appearance for Mr. Patterson. Pat will also be hosting the private event, "Cocktails, Conversation and Karaoke with Pat Patterson After Party" immediately following the 2 hour catered dinner and Q & A with Pat and Jerry. This rare opportunity gives you the chance to share a drink with the legendary wrestler and booker, ask questions about his career, and even sing a song or two with pro wrestling's Karaoke King.

Joining Pat and Jerry at CWF Legends Fanfest 4 will be two brothers who left a mark in the 1970s in Florida wrestling rings, Ron and Robert Fuller! Even more exciting-The Fuller brothers will be hosting our first event, "Coffee with Ron and Robert" from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM. Ron and Robert will both answer questions about their vast careers in this sixty-minute special event. "Coffee with Ron and Robert" is limited to ONLY 30 fans and those who have purchased an UltraTicket. Don't be left out as there are a very small amount of these tickets left.

Bugsy McGraw will also be at CWF Legends Fanfest 4! Whether you know him as Bugsy McGraw, The Brute, Beautiful Brutus, or Sailor Brutus, there is no denying he was one of the most popular wrestlers to ever step in a CWF ring. The ladies of CWF will also be represented as the glamorous Leilani Kai will make her CWF Legends Fanfest debut. Leilani spent much of career working CWF rings, as well as wrestling in many territories and the WWF.

We have upgraded our location as the CWF Legends FanFest 4 will be held in the Marriott Residence Inn in Lutz, FL off the Suncoast Parkway and tickets are again limited to only 200 wrestling fans, guaranteeing everyone a personalized experience.

At the end of the Fanfest portion of this event, we will again honor CWF Legends with a special award ceremony and induction into the CWF Hall Of Fame. Honorees will be announced in the coming weeks.

*UltraTickets are available on a first come, first served basis and ONLY to 30 fans. This UltraTicket includes the private noon event "Coffee with Ron and Robert" (Last event featured "Coffee with Dory Funk, Jr." which everyone raved about), the "Cocktails, Conversation, and Karaoke with Pat Patterson After Party" (Previous after parties have included Kevin Sullivan, JJ Dillon, and Bob Roop) plus everything included in the dinner MegaTicket. Please note the only way to attend the two private events (Noon and After Party) is with an UltraTicket. Complete access via the UltraTicket is only $189.00, and limited to ONLY 30 fans!

*Dinner MegaTicket is limited to only 20 tickets and those fans will be eating a catered dinner with Pat Patterson & Jerry Brisco. The Dinner MegaTicket, which includes early admission (30 minutes in advance), a photo op and 2 autographs with all the Fanfest Guests, a 2 Hour catered buffet dinner with Pat Patterson & Jerry Brisco, and VIP Access to the entire event is $125.00 and is limited to 20 tickets. The UltraTickets & MegaTickets will sell out!

*SuperTickets to this event are available and include a photo opportunity and one autograph with all of the listed wrestling legends. Additional autograph opportunities will be made available. This SuperTicket, which includes general admission to the event and a 30 minute Awards Presentation are $49.95.

General Admission to the event, which will also feature vendors with unique wrestling memorabilia, is only $15.00 and includes the Special Awards Ceremony. Additional opportunities to meet select CWF Legends are also available through additional ticket purchases.

Please join us for this unique event at our new location!


Early "Coffee Chat" Fanfest Event: 12-1 PM

Fanfest-MegaTicket Early Admission: 1:30-2 PM

Fanfest: 2-4 PM

Awards Ceremony: 4:00-4:30 PM

Dinner/Q&A w/Patterson & Brisco: 5:00-7:00 PM

After Party: 8-10 PM

Lineup subject to change.

Please note that all ticket sales are final.

*click here for full details and to book


Media Man


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