Sydneysiders head north

Sydneysiders head north, by Greg Tingle

Sydney-siders are heading north in a big way.

Why is this?

Well, the word of the street is that Sydneysiders are not too happy with what Sydney has become - "jacked up prices", ridiculous parking meter prices, over-development, uncaring councils and neighbors, and so it goes on.

If you want to get around town in Sydney, you really need a car (unless you want to run the risk of public transport) - fancy a train to Redfern anyone?

It's bad enough the expense of running a car, but then you need to worry about if your vehicle will be where you left it, and if it hasn't been "trolleyed" or "keyed". Watch out for car jackers.

Wouldn't it be great to go to the shops, find a car space easily, and not be asked, "Can you spare a few dollars mate", by some needle jammer!

I'd prefer navigating a real black snake at a regional shopping centre, than the snakes that masquerade as charity collectors, and then there's the "killer" Koala's of the 2 legged variety, that hold the "paw" out, for the $2 you have left for the parking meter.

In the same vein, give me a road train drive-by anytime, as opposed to a airliner fly through.

This is not to say that all of Sydney is bad, just that many folks have had enough, and are opting for the more relaxed and affordable lifestyle being offered just 200km north of Sydney, way up to Cairns and beyond.

It appears that Sydney siders have discovered there's a whole lot more of Australia to discover, and many folks, some 50,000 plus per year, are leaving Sydney for good.

Thriving business communities are springing up everywhere, so you need not worry about the "security" of city living. Want evidence? Take a look in your regional real estate agents window. Not only that, you have skills that out of towners need!

Time to breath in some real fresh air, and take in a view of water and mountainside. Skyscrapers and city living is for mugs.

Who's right, who's wrong? It's merely just a matter of choice where one lives. I'm outa here!


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