The Hulk, Hulk Hogan injured in bloody Sydney brawl with Ric Flair and media

The Hulk, Hulk Hogan injured in bloody Sydney brawl with Ric Flair and media - 18th November 2009
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WRESTLER Hulk Hogan has been badly injured after a violent bloody brawl broke out at The Hulkamania promotional press conference at Star City today.

The press conference veered violently out of control today as Hulk Hogan and ring rival Ric Flair let their animosity break into a full scale bloody brawl.

Sydney Central’s photographer Phil Rogers has his flash broken when Ric Flair threw a table off the stage and into the press gathering before diving on photographers. See the photo of the Hulk.

Media were stunned as the Hulk’s head began bleeding profusely and confusion broke out when the veteran wrestling star was unable to get to his feet.

This reporter narrowly missed being struck with the table and photographers ducked and weaved as Ric Flair took off his trouser belt and began to whip anyone within range.

The press conference began well with the stars of the tour speaking professionally about their careers and the business.

Hulk Hogan was excited to be touring Australia for the first time.

He said promoters in the past had billed him to tour Australia without his knowledge only to tell the fans that he could not make it.

The Hulkamania tour hits Sydney’s Acer Arena on November 28. (Credit:

Media Man comments

The press conference started in a professional and friendly fashion. As the conference progressed Mr Hogan and Mr Flair started exchanging words and temperatures rose to an extent that Flair finally physically attacked Hogan, with Hogan and his table falling off the stage. A media frenzy followed with many fans shocked and starting chanting Hogan's name, and he was assisted to the back for medical attention. Both media and fans speculated with each other as to how much of the press conference may have been scripted, and how much really got out of hand. In any event, it was an entertaining and wild affair, and only adds to the Hulk Hogan VS Ric Flair series of matches in Australia being a "don't miss" attraction. Wooooo!


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