Topless parade staged in New York

Topless parade staged in New York - 24th August 2015

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Broadway put on a very different kind of Sunday matinee - bare-chested women and men parading through midtown Manhattan.

The GoTopless Pride Parade took to the streets of New York to counter critics of topless tip-seekers in Times Square.

Appearing bare-breasted is legal in New York.

But Mayor Bill de Blasio and police Commissioner Bill Bratton say the body-painted women who pose for photos with tourists are a 'nuisance'.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the practice hearkens to the pornographic 'bad old Times Square' of the past.

The parade in Manhattan was among dozens staged in about 60 cities for worldwide GoTopless Day.

GoTopless spokeswoman Rachel Jessee says protesters are calling gender equality when it comes to baring one's chest.