Virgin Bingo launches US jackpots

Virgin Bingo launches US jackpots, by Melinda Varley - 23rd August 2007

Virgin Bingo has launched a new game two weeks ahead of the introduction of the Gambling Act 2005 called Pattern Bingo.

Pattern Bingo will offer players a wider choice and variety as part of its redesign and gives players the opportunity to win “fixed” or “progressive” jackpots as well as on-the-spot prizes.

The game, which was first launched in the US, can be won by marking off all the numbers in a particular pattern before anyone else does.

The launch of the game coincides with Virgin Bingo’s redesigned site which includes a number of new features including live online customer support, community pages, VIP club, a promotional section and a games timetable.

Simon Burridge, CEO of Virgin Games, said: “Virgin Bingo has always been about fun and entertainment. Since launching in 2005, we’ve continued to identify our players’ needs and adapted the site accordingly with the introduction of features such as celebrity web chats, which has proved hugely popular.

“We feel the addition of Pattern Bingo to our games portfolio along with the changes made to the site, such as live online customer support and the VIP club, will offer our customers the variety and strong sense of community Bingo players are now looking for.”

Next month, the Gambling Act 2005 will come into force which will allow betting shops and gambling companies to advertise on television for the first time.

Gambling ads will still be banned during shows aimed at under 18s and anyone who looks to be under 25 cannot be shown gambling on TV or radio.


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