WWE Crown Jewel, WWE Evolution and Mae Young Classic 2018

WWE Crown Jewel, WWE Evolution and Mae Young Classic 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challange via Facebook Watch

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Global sports entertainment aka professional wrestling giant on a roll

Riding wave of success following WWE Super Show-Down in Australia

WWE Evolution - October 28 (Nassau Coliseum - New York)

Shawn Michaels to team up with Triple H at WWE Crown Jewel

Brock Lesnar may be favourite to win World Cup at Crown Jewel

Internet buzz that Hulk Hogan and maybe the n.W.o (New World Order) will show up at Crown Jewel; Prince has his favorites

WWE Crown Jewel: AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan confirmed


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WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan

In the enchanting city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, dreams really can come true, for the WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view on Friday, Nov. 2, will feature WWE Champion AJ Styles in a dream match against Daniel Bryan.

Since his heroic return from a career-ending injury, Daniel Bryan has had two things on his mind: Taking down his long-time adversary, The Miz, and reclaiming his place at the top of the WWE mountain. At WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia, Bryan took a big step toward both goals, overcoming The A-Lister in a hard-fought matchup to earn himself a WWE Championship opportunity.

SmackDown LIVE has truly become The House that AJ Styles Built, as The Phenomenal One has taken on all comers week-in, week-out, to establish himself as one of the premier Superstars in the squared circle today. On that path, Styles and Bryan clashed in a highly-anticipated blue brand main event back in April. However, before a winner could be decided, Shinsuke Nakamura interfered and left the outcome unresolved. Now, the WWE Universe will finally get to see who the better man truly is, in what promises to be a classic contest between two of WWE’s most skilled competitors.

Don’t miss the WWE Championship Match at the King Saud University Stadium on Friday, Nov. 2, when . WWE Crown Jewel streams live on the award-winning WWE Network.


The WWE is continuing to pump out mega events this year, fresh off appearances in Australia, Canada, Japan and China.

RAW and SmackDown has primarily being touring the United States, with semi loaded house shows in other counties. Make no mistake, the Australian Super Show-Down was loaded and delivered some incredible matches. Australia's Buddy Murphy even captured the WWE Cruiserweight Title from Cedric Alexander. Many fans thought they stole the show, while others went with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. For fans of living legends, Triple H vs The Undertaker was #1 in an old school classic.

The WWE Women continue to leave a mark with awesome matches on RAW and SmackDown, and WWE Evolution is on October 28.

WWE living legend Shawn Michaels has been lighting up WWE weekly television, and is going to team up with long time friend Triple H at Crown Jewel.

It's a balancing act as to what card to present in various regions, how long to stay in a city, what matches and angles to present and so on, but at the moment WWE has something for everyone... the up and comers, living legends, the high fliers and the amazing women.

The WWE Network has helped stabilize their business in many regards, as numerous promotions are running around the clock, talent enjoys constant promotion as a general rule, and there's more time and opportunities to develop characters and so on. At the same time, the WWE writers, bookers, producers, the powers that be and so on have a lot of work to do every week to keep the WWE machine powering along. From a financial standpoint, customers no longer have to pay in the region of $20 to $50 per event. Most countries can get the WWE Network for approximately $9.99 per month, and free trial promotions have been running. Plus, you can cancel anytime, so you're not locked in.

WWE are enjoining massive success with their social media channels and the powers that be have gone with WWE Facebook Watch again this season to present WWE Mixed Match Challange.

The WWE received some massive cash injections in the past year including in the region of $40 to $50 million for the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, and then the long term deals were inked with RAW - USA Network and the even bigger SmackDown - FOX Sports.

Wherever you are in the world, its a great time to be a sports entertainment (professional wrestling) fan. Let's hear it for Hunter, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and co. They are doing a great job. There's lot of variety in the type of matches and stories being presented in the WWE and beyond, and certainly the future of the WWE and industry as a whole is looking great.

For many WrestleMania season has started early. Snap up your tickets, log on to the WWE website and network and cheer on your favorite heroes and villains. Roman Reigns, John Cena, Rousey, Strowman, AJ Styles and co. all want to hear you. Cheer or boo - just make some noise fans.


Vince McMahon's announces the historic WWE Super Show-Down to take place in Australia. Click here for multimedia


The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Triple H



Triple H announces Australia's WWE Super Show-Down on Oct. 6

Triple H takes on The Undertaker for the last time ever at WWE Super Show-Down


The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce)



Ronda Rousey has been impressing in her WWE matches


Alexa Bliss vs Trish Stratus


Renee Young has joined the RAW broadcast team and is going great


WWE RAW announcing team: Renee Young, Michael Cole and Corey Graves


WWE Mae Young Classic


There's lots of internet and industry buzz about living legend Hulk Hogan and his mates in the n.W.o


DX are booked for WWE Crown Jewel.



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