WWE's television push on Australian network TV via Nine's GO!, working says Media Man agency

WWE's television push on Australian network TV via Nine's GO!, working says Media Man agency

Draft Gonzo style journalism from ringside up to the rafters


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The WWE's strategy to get in the heads of Australians is working, as a concept.

Now, what this is doing to the WWE's bottom line (revenues from media, WWE Network, events, merchandising et al, only a handful of people in their Stamford, CT offices would know, along with their accounting firm.

Before the naysayers doubt this, let it be known that I worked directly in the Australian subscriber television industry from 1996 to 2008 (Optus Vision and Optus Communications). I've sold and bundle - package sold PPV events, from the record breaking Sting vs Hogan (WCW), to WWE's WrestleMania's, to Macho Comacho boxing matches, and I've seen the buy sheets folks.

A number of times over the past month I've heard people talking about the WWE on the streets of Sydney's eastern suburbs, and I didn't start the conversation - I overheard. Folks, especially teenagers are talking about Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, Shinsuke Nakamura, Shane McMahon, Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. In fact, I've heard folks talking about whether they should in fact get the WWE Network, so they can enjoy the full shows (of RAW and SmackDown). I wouldn't make this up, just to please WWE top brass or others.

We do enjoy a good line of communication with WWE powers that be - higher ups if you will (thanks Dusty Rhodes)... you will get used to us quoting WWE legends, if you keep reading our numbers on pro wrestling err... sports entertainment.

Nine - the time might be nearing for us to offer a bit of television commentary on the business of professional wrestling, and what it means in the news media space Australian style.

Before anyone accuses us of being an know-all, or a showoff (that used to be Dolph Ziggler, prior to testing out an eclectic array of elaborate ring entrances), many people are aware of my background in the television business, namely pay TV, as well as knowing the ropes of the professional wrestling industry, despite not actually being a wrestler (did some training a long long time ago - long story). Many folks wanted to know what I thought of WWE's renewed push down under into Australia, so your getting what you asked for punters. And for free, so don't complain too much, or we will have to starting charging for this articles.

It's going to be interesting to see if or how that 9GO! strategy of mainstream awareness plays out for the WWE, in attendance to matches (Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney), as well as merchandising, advertising revenues, and WWE Network subscriptions (currently around 2 million, with around 1.6 being paid). Don't ask me how many Aussie's are network subs - I don't know, but I am as curious as you to find out. Ah, that's a question for one of my key WWE contacts, if he's prepared to spill the beans.

So, what's the upshot of the WWE being back on Australian network TV? It's a good move, just as long as the WWE is coming out on the right end of it, be it immediate, short, medium or long term forecasts). Not too long term planning hopefully, mind you - the WWE has significant financial resources, not to mention global media sway to cement themselves in for the long haul.

WWE is well aware of pro wrestling alternatives, be it New Japan Pro Wrestling (a favorite talent picking ground), and then there's Impact Wrestling aka Global Force Wrestling, or whatever name they want to go under this week - sorry for the joke TNA. We respect all pro wrestling, but you have to admit it's the off the field shenanigans which are sometimes more interesting than the in play - in ring activity. Much like Australia's NRL and AFL, which the boys getting into trouble at nightclubs, casinos, on holiday, an in all manner of other scenarios. Fortunately the WWE doesn't have those sort of non scripted dramas regularly. Just don't mention to Vince, Hunter or Michael Hayes the 'Plane trip of hell". You might not like the response, especially if you get them on a bad day. If the story is true, just maybe Brock Lesnar is a lucky man to be alive. Not going to argue with 'The Beast' or his advocate, in any event.

So punters, so you at the matches, and make sure you give your favorites and non favorites your loudest cheers or jeers. Australia is ready to let our so far unmet friend Roman Reigns here it (met and chatted with your cousin Dwayne Johnson a few years back Roman. Real nice bloke, so we suspect you are also. Don't let the haters get to you. We know John Cena feels the same way. Don't know about you but we are pumped for Reigns vs Cena at No Mercy. Lesnar vs Strowman should be a barn burner and mega Slobberknocker (Jim Ross reference) also.

Always remember, those who can Do. Those who can't, are Fans! Don't like our article? Tell the dog, or better yet, the Big Dog of the WWE. He likely won't care either friends.


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