Interview - Faith Agugu, meditation and yoga practitioner (Relax Coogee)

Faith Agugu, meditation and yoga practitioner (Relax Coogee) - April 2017


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When and how did you get into the meditation and mind, body and spirit field?

I began this part of my journey in 1991 when I arrived in Australia. I was in a new country and I was looking for something to anchor me to my new home. I found a western Buddhist organization that resonated with me and I stayed with them for 10 years. I've always been spiritual-coming from a culture that still has close ties & connection with the unseen world I felt fortunate that this was a part of me that stayed with me while living in western cultures.

Did you discover fashion or spiritual work first, and do you have a preference?

Funny I discovered them around the same time. I always felt conflicted as I bought into the belief that these worlds were somehow in opposition and that I had to choose one or the other. So for many years I would not share my spiritual side with those in my fashion world and vice versa, until about 6 years ago I created a blog- Guruwearsgucci which brought my 2 worlds together.

What's your ethnic background, and what led you to Sydney? I was born in Nigeria, lived in UK and came to Australia for love.

What do you love about living and working in Sydney's Eastern Beaches region? My tribe in Nigeria is called the water people and I believe I need the ocean to survive. When I moved to Australia my mother reminded me not to stray too far away from her healing energy so I've always lived by the coast from Bondi to Maroubra to Coogee.

What motivates and inspires you? Service, the sun, the ocean, and the courage of ordinary people to get up when they fall and have another go at life!

What's some of the biggest challenges you have overcome? Living away from my family and creating a new support network in Australia.

What sorts of challenges do you help your meditation clients overcome? Where do we begin? My spiritual teacher once said that if you want to know what issues you should be working on, look at the issues your clients present with in private practice. I feel so blessed that as I'm working with my clients on their issues, I'm actually working on mine. The fact that I get paid seems an unfair exchange.

What can you tell us about your RAW fashion agency?... Any current projects or events coming up? Raw Fashion is a baby that I'm reluctant to let go off. I've had this business for 14 years and I'm not sure how it fits into my evolving incarnation. My dream would to find someone who wants to buy an online fashion business and they could continue to nurture it as I have.

What techniques or secrets do you use on yourself to be so healthy and full of life? Routine- it may seem boring but I've found things that work for me and I travel best when these things are in place in my life. They include daily meditation, swimming or gym; connect with like-minded people on the phone. If I'm confused I check out my reality, I nap for 60-90 minutes daily, always eat at least twice a day and I ban self-judgement and self-criticism and I always give myself the benefit of the doubt.

How did your involvement with JNC come about?

One of JNC staff attended my meditation workshop at Sona Yoga and approached me to do volunteering at their organization.

What sort of music or sounds do you use in your meditation sessions? Mainly Hindu Sanskrit chants but I'm looking also at Aboriginal and other more tribal beats.

What's your motto? Always be kind & gentle to yourself.

When's your next group meditation classes?

Join me on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month for Coogee Guided Meditation at Seniors Hall, 97 Brook St. Coogee. These classes are ran by donation, or at JNC either Randwick or Maroubra. Contact JNC office for details.

What's your Star sign, and are you true to it?

Taurus - yes I'm very stubborn.


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