Interview - Dion Appel

I/V: Dion Appel, Founder and CEO - LifeLounge: 5th June 2003

Lifelounge has proven ability in providing in-depth and constantly maintained original content in the burgeoning areas of skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, inline skating and associated youth lifestyle aspects of music, fashion, travel and games.

Greg Tingle speaks to Dion Appel via telephone about his company.

What are the aims and objectives of Lifelounge?

Lifelounge is about creating a credible and identifiable information destination for the youth market. Lifelounge's great advantage in attaining this goal is the in-depth knowledge of the market which exists within the walls of the company. Lifelounge boasts a full time staff of nine, who specialise in providing the demographic with what they want, without cutting corners. With an average staff age in the mid-20's and vast experience in the extreme sports industry Lifelounge's staff IS the demographic. Appel further recognises that, "above all Lifelounge's audience wants content that compliments and supports the importance of their daily pursuits and treats them with respect and value.

How important is compelling content?

Content is and always will be king. A highly recognisable online vehicle acts as the backbone to the business, the addition of offline media vehicles adds strength in the generation of content amongst all properties. It also offers sponsors a complete media solution. It takes no genius to understand this formula, just the right team to implement it successfully.

How do you maintain profitability?

"the most cost effective downsizing formula is to maintain a strong technical team, downsize internal editorial teams and outsource the generation of content to specialists."

How do you ensure you target the right market in the correct fashion?

We live in a time where the youth are the flavour and technology is the driving force. A combination of the two can be highly volatile, it all depends on the path you choose and the key success factors you identify with. Too much mainstream coverage can be harmful, the youth of today possess amazing instinct and once loyal, will provide all the return required.

to be continued...