Interview - Jason Barrett

Interview: Jason Barrett, Founder & Broadcaster, No Holds Barred Wrestling - 6th June 2003

What's your background and that of No Holds Barred Wrestling?

I have worked for over 7 years in the radio broadcasting business and have followed the wrestling business for over 25 years. My partner George on the other hand has been working in the media for a little over a year and following pro wrestling for about 20-25 years. Together as the hosts of NHB, we strive to bring attention to the men and women who perform in the ring and make the sport exciting for those who watch it. We also attempt week in and week out to get to the bottom of the top stories that unfold behind the scenes in the wrestling business.

What are your aims and objectives?

Our goal is to eventually land a syndication deal for the program so that wrestling fans all over the world can hear the show. While so many in the wrestling business try to keep things hidden and quiet, we believe that the business benefits by having more people talk about it and learn about it on an every day basis.

When and why was your website established?

We created the website 4 years ago and the reason for it was to attract interest from fans throughout the world. We knew we had a lot of news and interviews that would appeal to many wrestling fans and the only way to get people to learn about the information we had was to go on to the web.

How do you get your news stories?

We develop our stories each week in many different fashions. As someone who has developed relationships in the business, we have been fortunate to receive information from those who work in the business behind the scenes as well as in the ring. We also follow the internet closely as their are some sites who do a great job of breaking detailed news stories. We also develop our content by following the weekly television programs of many different wrestling companies as well as by watching old footage and researching many different storylines and superstars.

How many website visitors do you have?

NHB attracts over 40,000 visitors per month on a consistent basis plus another 30,000 listen to our interviews on our partner site

What other wrestling related websites do you deal with?

Yourself of course, plus,,,, and countless others. If I left anyone off the list it's because the list is so long and I can't recall the other 100 or so that work with us. We do however appreciate anyone and everyone who uses our information on their website as we feel it just helps draw more focus on to the individual who takes the time to talk about different key issues on our weekly radio program.

What media coverage have your received over the years?

Starting next month, NHB interviews will be featured monthly in Total Wrestling, the magazine. We have also been covered by the Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper in our area, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, hundreds of online websites and we assisted HBO with some connections for the story they are working on regarding deaths in the wrestling business.

What products and services do you sell?

We currently have our own NHB Calendar which features the 12 beautiful women of the No Holds Barred radio show. The cost is only $10 and is a lot cooler then your typical calendar. We also have our own Video/DVD coming out in late June which will give wrestling fans a look at what goes on behind the scenes of our radio show, what it's like when we go out in public for events as well as an in depth close up look at the NHB girls during their calendar shoot. The DVD is $14.99 and the Video is $11.99.
We also sell many other things such as books, videos, toys, and anything wrestling related you can think of.

What is the biggest news story you have broke?

The biggest story we broke was probably when Shawn Stasiak revealed to us that 24 WCW superstars would be at WrestleMania 17. It was huge because at that time WWE were not giving any details regarding WCW and we had it before anyone else. Consideration should also be given to Goldberg telling us he was in talks with the WWE, Sting filling us in on his conversations with the WWE last year to be at WrestleMania 18 plus Chris Jericho giving us the inside scoop on what happened with Goldberg behind the curtain.

How many contributors do you have?

While I wish I could say we have tons, it really is more of George and I then anything else. Our producer Special K also contributes as well as some of our website's reporters and columnists but generally George and I do all the digging.

What does a typical day involve for you?

Well I produce a morning radio show which ties me up from 4:30am-12:30pm. During that time I'm likely to do a little bit of updating for the NHB website or edit some video clips for the upcoming week's show. After that there's a 1 hour commute home. I then hop right on the computer and spend about 3-4 hours between working on audio material for the show, typing up press releases, e-mailing and calling superstars about different situations and in the middle of all of that I also try to take in a meal. I function on about 5 hours sleep per night unless of course RAW, Smackdown or TNA is on then it's closer to 3 or 4 hours sleep. Also, if a show is coming to our area (within an hour or so) George and I also try to get there regardless of whether it's WWE or Independent because you're always guaranteed to get a few interviews and some additional information.

Have you ever received hate mail from a wrestler (or worse)?

Shawn Stasiak once claimed we didn't talk to him for a scoop and instead we dealt with an imposter so he hasn't been one of our favorites in recent times. I've also had a few talents who I will keep nameless call me to talk about information they gave us on the air and later wanted it changed because it was causing them heat. Our philosophy has always been to be fair and honest with everyone we deal with. We don't try to sandbag any of our guests and while we do ask tough questions, we are also respectful of those who don't wish to discuss certain issues. More times then not talents will be honest with us and while it may cause them some initial heat, I'd also like to think it makes those they are talking about take a look in the mirror to see if what was said about them is in fact accurate.

What are your current projects?

Right now we are gearing up for this week's show which features one of the men I have never interviewed but always wanted to have on as a guest, Jim Ross. JR knows more about the ins and outs of the business then most people and I'm really excited about picking his brain. We are also in the process of giving bands a chance to have their music become our radio show's opening theme music and the contest is down to the final 3 bands. Audio samples are available on our website and we encourage everyone to vote because we want our audience to have the final say it what they want to hear kick off the show. Other then that we will do a show on Bad Blood next week plus we will hook up a lucky listener with the chance to meet WWE superstars backstage at a show coming to our area in late June and the following week we will be doing a lot of work on the NWA TNA 1 year Anniversary Special.

What motivates you?

My motivation is simple...I want to be the best I can possibly be in anything I do. Whether it's doing the radio show, working on the website, creating a contest idea or playing a video game, I am very passionate about what I do. There may be others in the business with more knowledge or deeper inside contacts but there are few who can combine the serious side of the business with a strong presentation of on-air entertainment while making a caller or guest feel relaxed enough to want to be part of the show again in the future. I'd like to believe that anyone who has heard our broadcast, enjoys listening because of the chemistry George and I have in addition to our willingness to work with a listener or two that don't understand why certain things happen in the business. We get many people to listen to our show who don't even like wrestling and to me there is no higher compliment than that.

What other important information should our audience know about you and your website?

Well, the NHB website is very fan friendly and we encourage everyone's participation. It is not created for us to bore you with our facts and opinions, instead we combine our own personal feelings on things along with poll questions for fans to vote on, fantasy warfare tournament's for fans to vote on, weekly web contests for fans to get involved with and win prizes and interviews for everyone to listen to and enjoy.

We happen to have a good understanding about what we're doing and luckily it's been a success and many have enjoyed what we do. We don't however take that for granted because as great as wrestling is, unfortunately there aren't many radio companies who look to add wrestling shows to their airwaves. Every ratings period is important for us because as great as things can be when the ratings are up, they can be equally as bad when the numbers go down. We are trying to make our show available throughout the world for everyone to listen to and if you want to hear the program in your area all we ask is that you fill out the petition listed on our website's main page and e-mail it back to us at The only way to show radio companies world wide that shows like ours have mass appeal is to get those who love the product showing their support.

Many wrestlers, on-air personalities and behind the scenes individuals pay attention to our work, listen to our work, read our work and react to our work. While we certainly appreciate that our show is followed by those who we cover on a consistent basis, we also try to be as fair and straight forward as we can with callers, listeners, talents and anyone else we interact with. If you have a chance, visit, listen to an interview and then e-mail us and tell us what you think. All feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for your time mate. Thanks for your interest and I look forward top doing this again with you in the near future. Best of luck!



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