Interview - Aden De Jager

Interview: Aden De Jader, Super Cross competitor: 11th January 2005

We continue our behind the scenses look at motor sport, and all things extreme.

What's your background?

I am a 16 year old Male who has been racing for the past 11 yrs, competing at the highest level in both Africa and Australia. Although South African by birth, have since made Australia my home of which I am now a permanent resident and soon to become an Australian Citizen. I have just finished year 10 at Kiama High School with a B+ Average and am about to start year 11. My future study plans include finishing my HSC and then attending Canberra Uni where I want to study a degree in Sports Management.

Where are you based?

I currently live in Shell Cove NSW, but travel extensively to many events throughout NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and QLD.

What motivates you?

The need to win and be the best at what ever I do,
Been proud of my past achievements and to push myself to achieve my next goal/s.
My parents support and commitment to me, my education and sport.
Having friends and other people (that I don't necessarily know) acknowledge my achievements.

What have been your career highlights to date?

Receiving my state colours (back in South Africa)
To be part of the South African team which competed in the All African Championships?
Getting a factory ride with Shimwells Ctrack Yamaha South Africa
Winning the 125cc Junior Brisbane Supercross
Placing third at the Sydney Superdome in the 85cc Supercross
Winning a round of the State Titles in Cessnock - 85cc Class
Winning first State Title in Senior Motor cross at Condobolin

Explain the feeling you get competing at the top level?

The sense and feeling of pride knowing that you are one of the competitors in the main events which most the crowds have come to watch, as well as knowing that you are riding against the best of the best in the country.

What gives you the edge?

A stringent training program done by a personnel trainer is adhered to; this includes a lot of cardio vascular work, surf swimming, beach running, light weights, bicycle riding and of course as much Motor Bike riding fitness training as possible (i.e. doing 2 full 30 minute session per outing at race pace).

What gives your bike the edge?

Been well maintained and set up according to my weight, height, my riding ability and naturally the type of event that is been raced in, i.e. Supercross or Motor Cross.

Do you have no fear?

The fear of something going drastically wrong in this sport keeps one extremely focused. However the risks that are taken are calculated and well practiced, but there is always an element of danger. I suppose that, that danger or the fear of something going wrong is what gives one an adrenaline rush.

Who have been your main supporters to date?

My Parents, family and friends, also of course the sponsors that I have had to date, which include:
Biketek - Suspension & Motor Bridgestone Tyres
Putoline Oil and Lubricants Unifilter - Air Filters
Goldfren - Brake Discs and Pads No Fear - Race Gear
M2R Helmets Oxtar Boots
Scott Goggles and Grips Titman Racing
David Fraser Motorcycles and Yamaha Australia (2003/2004 and 2005)
Ficeda Accessories (for race kit back in 2003)
Trevor Jordan Motorcycles (2002/2003)
Shimwells Ctrack Yamaha (2000/2001)

What media coverage have you achieved?

My personnel web site -
Kiama Independent - back page story
Free Rider Magazine - 85cc Shoot Out Article
Previous in South Africa:
Several Television Appearances and Newspaper Articles

What are your goals and aspirations for this year?

To claim a top 15th place overall (but preferably a top 10) finish in the Mr. Motor Cross Pro-Lites Class.
To claim a top 5th place overall for the Supercross Masters Championship - Pro-Lites Class
I aspire to do well at school.
To be recognized as a top competitor in the Pro-Lite Class.


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