Interview - Honky Tonk Man (Wayne Farris)

Interview: Honky Tonk Man (Wayne Farris), professional wrestler -
8th January 2008


What are you best known for?

The Greatest WWE Intercontinental Champion Of All Time as voted by the fans on WWE.Com

What are the personal and professional highlights of your career?

Personal, making it to the WWE after many yrs. of struggling on the road.
Professional, getting a chance with the IC belt to prove I could get heat and sell

Who are your mentors?

Lou Thez, Don Fargo, Jimmy Valliant

What are you passionate about?

The love for what I do. I know that most guys just use the business as a hobby, but it is my life forever.

Whose idea was it to turn you heel in the WWF, which of course lead you to
be arguably one of the hottest villains in the WWF of all time?

It was a business choice since all the heels who worked with complained that hey were being turned to good guys while in the ring with me. I drew natural heat from the fans.

As we know, the professional wrestling business is full of politics and BS
seems to run rampant at times. What's some of the biggest mistruths you
have ever heard and / or been subject to?

That I would have never worked on top without Hogan being my pal (as said by Flair). I was working on top for 12 yrs. before I came to WWE!

What's the biggest professional wrestling audience you have every performed
in front of?

Wrestlemania III also 94,000 that was a live gate, but millions around the
world that day.

What pro matches have you been in where things actually got nasty and a
little out of hand, and where there was actual dislike for your opponent?

I never was involed in anything like that. There have been some stiff shots here and there, but I was never part of these things you mention but I have heard about them.

What do you think are the best and worst attributes of WWE head honcho,
Vince McMahon?

Great promoter, knows how to present a product, does not mind spending
money to make money. The negative is, you can't trust him.

What's your connection with Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jimmy "The Mouth Of
The South" Hart?

Lawler is my cousin by way of our mothers being sisters. I have never really had a relationship with him even as children. He fired the first shot many yrs ago and I have fired back! Jimmy was put with Kevin Sullivan and myself as a manager. We clicked very well and it showed in WWE.

What other former WWF I/C champions do you think highly of, and why?

They were all great performers and had different styles. They all did well with the exception of the last few yrs. The IC belt has meant nothing since Austin thre it in the river a few yrs. ago.

Who have been your biggest supporters over the years?

The Bushwackers are about the only guys that knew me well before and after the WWE. We stay in contact.

What's the biggest challenges you have overcome?

Early on was tying to find that gimmick persona that works. Once I found it, then keeping it going without being on TV is a challenge.

What are your current projects?

I do 60-80 events in 6-8 countries a yr.

What do you know about Australia, and have you ever visited here?

At one time it was booming, I have never been there. Maybe someday.

What's the biggest misconception about you?

That I am bitter towards the business and the WWE. I have said and done some things that were not politically correct, but there was that challenge to keep myself in the public eye. Out of sight, Out of mind!



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