Interview: Mick Gallagher

Interview: Mick Gallagher - Politician,Entertainer and more:
20th March 2003

Mick Gallagher, entertainer, public speaker, former Mayor of Hornsby and Independent for Hornsby for the upcoming NSW State Election to be held on Saturday, 22nd March 2003, joins Greg Tingle

Why should people consider voting for Mick Gallagher on 22nd March?

To make the state seat of Hornsby a marginal seat to attract state funding for sewerage solutions, rail commuter parking, transport problems etc.

What is your track record of doing things for the community?

I was a true independent Hornsby Shire councillor and Mayor. I have belonged to many community groups including sports clubs, scouts, the RSL, Rotary, and charity groups. In the year 2000 I received a Hornsby Shire Highly Commended Australia Day Citizen Award for service to the community.

What is your background?

I joined the Royal Australian Navy at age 16 and completed 22 years full time service. Since then I have worked in the film, TV and entertainment industry; a teacher in local high schools, and a journalist.

What is the VOICE of Australia?

VOICE of Australia is a community group which originated in Victoria and conducts its own referendums on various political issues. I assisted them when they visited Sydney late 2002.

What makes you different from most politicians?

As a true independent I can act independently for the community and not be controlled by any party. In that respect I can table issues in parliament that are not on the party agenda.

How and why did you make the entry into politics?

My first election was the Federal election in 1991. I narrowly missed out on a state seat in 1992 and as a Federal senator in 2001.

What's the wisest piece of advise you have ever been given?

Keep talking to the community. I agreed with him.

What mentors, if any did you have?

Ned Kelly, Robin Hood and all those heroes that fought against oppression.

What's you outlook on life?

Do what you can when you can.

What do you see being the greatest problem with the Australian political System?

A two party system where the voters get drawn into the same grand final between team A and team B. Where both teams have the same board of directors.

What are your main policies?

Health, Education, Common Law rights, and Crime Prevention.

What's your approach to law and order?

Law and Order is becoming a catch cry for the politicians to enforce bad laws that they have introduced. We should not be using our police to as a political pawn. Let our police get on with their real duties.

What's your approach to corruption?

True corruption should be stamped out. But what of those who have been caught behaving in a "corrupt manner" against a corrupt system.

What are your future goals and aspirations?

Never say die. Live life to the full, and help make Australia a better place

What other information would you like to convey to our readers?

On Election Day number all the boxes, but put the major parties last. In the mean time keep smiling and enjoy the day, because things can only get worst if we don't do something. Have a great life.