Elliot Goblet (Jack Levi) - 20th January 2003

Elliot Goblet (Jack Levi), Comedian, Speaker & Author:
20th January 2003

How, when and why did you get involved in the performing business?

I started back in 1982 and I got into the business because I love making people laugh and I had a need to perform. Starting venue was le joke (upstairs last laugh) but I got television spots very quickly with the Daryl Somers show and then Hey and The Midday Show.

How did you come up with the "Elliot Goblet" character"?

Elliot Goblet is an extension of myself and an expression of my fantasies. For example I'm obsessed with detail and Goblet is obsessed with trivia.

What's your motivation in life, on a professional and personnel level?

To be successful in an art form which extends others and gives them something original. To maintain high integrity and to be happy.

Who were your mentors, if any, and what did you see in them?

Early mentor was Pete Crofts. He has helped me lots with my comedy attitude and direction.

What’s the best and worst thing about living where you live?

I live in Elwood and the best things are proximity to Acland Street and the beach. Worst thing is syringes on the beach.

Who have you most enjoyed working with the most and why?

Flacco because he's a comic genius and a really good guy.

Who would you never work for again, and why?


What’s the most challenging thing about working with a "bad" audience?

Trying to win them over and keeping the performance standard up.

What do you attribute most of your success to?

Originality, tastefulness, sensitivity, likeability on stage, ability to handle hecklers appropriately, writing of tailored material for corporate jobs and luck to have so much TV exposure on many good shows.

What special message do you have for Petersham TAFE, and in particular Greg Tingle's teachers and fellow students?

Follow your passions.

What would you like me to tell others about you?


What are your future plans?

Doing more of the same (mainly corporate jobs). Also, doing cameo roles In films (my first is in "Fat Pizza" due for release around Easter) and ultimately starring in my own movie.


For more information, go to www.elliotgoblet.com.au


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