Interview - Shaun "Hotstuff" Hernandez

I/V: Shaun "Hotstuff" Hernandez, Pro Wrestler - 18th June 2003

A Fearless warrior from the Lonestar state and former football star, Shaun "Hotstuff" Hernandez has entered NWA-Wildside a new phenomenon with the people on his side. With the strength of a bull and the agility of a cat, Hernandez has blasted his way through the competition to be the NWA North American Heavyweight and current #1 Contender to the Wildside Championship.

How did you get your break?

I had just quit playing Arena Football but was still staying in shape working out when Tugboat Taylor approached me at the gym and suggested I try Pro Wrestling and the rest is history.

Who trained you?

Tugboat Taylor of the old ESPN Wrestling show Global.

Who have been your biggest supporters?

My family.

What promotions have you worked in?

I have worked for TASW, EWF, NWA-SW, and ETW here in Texas. I have did WWE dark matches, TNA dark matches, toured Japan 6 times. I am currently working for Wildside and Ring of Honor based in Philadephia.

What titles have you held?

The NWA National title, NWA North American title, NWA-SW Heavyweight champion, ETW Heavyweight Champ, TASW Heavyweight Champion, TASW Hardcore Champion, and hopefully the Wildside Heavyweight title.

Worst injures suffered?

Broken Ankle - I have a plate and 7 screws put there. 40 stitches on shin, dislocated hip was the most painful.

What did your parents say when you gave them the news about the wrestling?

This is something I have wanted to do since I was a child. My parents were against it. After my mother passed away and I decided it was time for me to make my own decisions and just went for it.

What motivates you?

Wanting to be the best Heavyweight that has ever came from Texas. With legends like the Funks, Hansen, and Rhodes--I have my work cut out for me.

What was your best match?

I have two. One was a allout hardcore match versus Necro Butcher of IWA MS and the other was a tag match in All-Japan versus Hosaka of FMW and Honma of Big Japan fame.

What current feuds are you in, and what is the background?

I am currently feuding with the NWA Wildside Heavyweight Champ Iceberg. He is billed as the 600lb No Pain Train, an unstoppable force with his little greaseball manager Jeff Bailey egging him on. Iceberg has destroyed everybody he has faced and I guess he didn't like me being the new kid on the block giving hte fans some hope of him being dethroned. So after one of matches he attacked me from behind and had his manager choke me out with a coat hanger until I was bleeding internally. Which in turn kept me out of action for a couple of weeks.

When I finally was able to come back I took a page out of Iceberg's notebook and attacked HIM after his big cage match. Clotheslining him so hard it knocked Iceberg silly and since then the war is on! I won't stop until I take his precious title away and/or can get my hands on his Bailey which ever comes first!

What are your stats?

6'2 295lbs.

What's next for your career?

Hopefully being mentioned in the same breath as Wildside legends like AJ Styles and David Young. Become apart of the NWATNA roster or go back to Japan but this time full-time.

What's your motto?

To be the best Heavyweight that has ever came from Texas.


Editors note: Don't bet against him.


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