Interview - Malia Hosaka

Interview: Malia Hosaka, Professional Wrestler - 24th June 2003

What's your background Malia?

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but moved to Fl proirto JR High. I graduated in the top 10% of my class (though the year is a secret as I do not give my age,Lol) I have always been a bit of a "tomboy" and playedsports, mostly softball as a catcher.

How did you get invovled in wrestling?

My dad got me into wrestling, he loved it and I thought it was stupid. He dared me to do it and from there I fell in love with performing and traveling.

Who trained you for wrestling?

I was trained by Killer Kowalski in 1987 and had myfirst match in Holy Oake, Mass against Linda Dallas and Maddogg Debbie on Aug 7, 1987.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My dad was my biggest fan and supported, my friends always knew I was special/weird, lol

What are some highlights from your wrestling career?

Traveling to the Middle East and meeting the soldiers protecvting America and what we stand for, meeting and learning form Debbie Combs, Lei Lani Kai, and Judy Martin... gaining respect from those who do not believe women should be in wrestling.

How do you describe your style?

I am a high-flyer of the old-school. While I can do alot of the high-risk moves done today I prefer to stay grounded and only pull them out from time to timeto surprise the fans, I think it makes for a more entertaining match to mix psycology with the high-risk.

What's your stats?

Not sure what you mean by what are my stats? I am 5'4" 125lbs

I am 25 again and will be until I can't pass for it, lol.

What promotion have you wrestled for?

I have worked for various indy promotions acroos the world as well as WCW and WWE. I am not sure I have a favorite, but if I had to choose the 2 groups I wentoverseas with for the military, WWA and WXW.

Where have you wrestled?

I have travelled all over the world, India, Russia, Japan, Canada, the entire South Pacific area, Europe, etc.

What was your best match?

I think that my best matches were against Brandi Aleander for the WLW in Missouri.

What is your finisher?

I like ot finish with the frankenstiener.

What is your worst injury?

I have had my ribs and neck fractured as well as my ACL reconstructed.

Why do you wrestle and what motivates you?

I stay in wrestling for fun these days, it's too political to try to make a living at, and I am not a politican.

What is the smallest and largest crowd you have performed to?

Anywhere from 2 to 200,000 people.

What media coverage have your received?

I have been covered by most of the wrestling magazines and appeared on WCW, WWE, LPWA, WLW, NWA-TNA tv programs.

What are your current projects?

I have accomplished all that I set out to do inwrestling, now I am persueing things outside of the industry, like acting and stunts.

What's your motto?

"If you can't wrestle keep your tits and ass out of the ring".

What's your best promo?

The ones I do in private ranting andraving sessions... I have never been given a character that cuts promos by the writers in the companies.

What do you do to relax?

I ride horses, ride motorcycles, play pool, weight lift, etc.

What do you think about Australia?

All I know is that I will go to Australia before I retire.

What else should our audience know?

I am proud to have had such a great career that was supported and fueled by the fans.

Anyone who wants a photo can send a SASE to PO Box 220, Inverness, FL 34451

I only have 8x10's so please make sure the envelope and postage is adequate.

Thanks for the time, if you have any other questions please let me know. Malia.


Editors note: What a career, and what a nice young lady. I wouldn't pick a fight with her though. : )


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