Interview - Sabrina Houssami

Interview: Sabrina Houssami (Miss World Australia) - 12th October 2006

Media Man Australia finally had a wonderful discussion with the now Miss Asia Pacific, Sabrina Houssami, at Ruby Rabbit.

This came off a charity campaign on Queensland's Gold Coast where Sabrina kindly attended to help raise money and exposure for yet another good cause.

Sabrina, it's great to finally catch up with you again. It is not only a career highlight for me, but a life highlight to have played a small part in the success of your charity and media campaigns.

Thank you Greg. You actually played a bit part in our success and we really appreciate it.


The conversation continued for approx 10 minutes. Please note, we were not recording or taking notes.

Sabrina was absolutely delightful and most appreciative. Wonderful to meet Alka (Sabrina's mother again). Special thanks to Miss World Australia for the invitation to attend. Pauline and Leesa, your assistance was wonderful and a great night was had by all.

Media Man Australia looks forward to following the amazing and inspiring career of Sabrina Houssami.


Sabrina Houssami

Miss World Australia


Miss World Australia

Miss World

Ruby Rabbit

Greg Tingle and Sabrina Houssami at the Ruby Rabbit De Nom (Miss Asia Pacific homecoming)

(Credit: Tito Media)