Interview - Jake Lloyd Jones

Interview: Jack Lloyd Jones, Founder of Sydney Body Art Ride: 14th January 2004

Once in a while something or some one "leaps out" at me. Jake Lyoyd Jones and the Sydney Body Art Ride are just that entity. Community, Charity, Fitness, Fun and Sexiness all in one!

Q: What's your background?

A: Born in Perth, grew up at Harbord Beach, Left School after year ten, One year Sweden, Two years in Tumut on the family farm, (Elm Grove Sanctuary up in the Goobarragandra valley, now sold. Parents retired to Bermagui.) Back to Sydney, share houses, bands etc, under 18 dole was $45 a week, rent in Surry hills was $30 a week for my room. Met Denise Matthews of Temora, went to India for seven months together came back got married, lived in Sydney and Tumut. Settled in Canberra. Attended Animal attendant course at TAFE. Worked at the Tax Office for a few years, transferred back to Sydney when Denise was diagnosed with Leukaemia and lived in Newtown, Denise died after undergoing the full horrors of a bone marrow transplant. I lived alone for a while and then fell in love (not for the first time) with Natasha Marfutenko from Bankstown. Natasha's parents were the children of Russian refugees, Natasha's grandmother and her family were taken from Byelorussia to Germany by the Nazis to work on farms as forced labour. Natasha and I married and travelled across Asia and the Middle East for 13 months. When we came back Natasha quickly gained employment at the ABC as she had previously worked for the Sydney Morning Herald. We lived in Leichhardt. Eventually I found a position as an Assistant pantry hand at Garden Island Naval base. Amusing for a while but fortunately Natasha was soon able to recommend me for casual work in ABC Archives, pushing a trolley. I got a permanent job in the program library, driving a golf buggy full of tapes for broadcast round to master control each day, then I got a job in cataloguing and moved from their into film research, As the new chum I was soon assigned to the job that involved the most running around. 7.30 Report, I have been there ever since, more than ten years. It's a humble role but I love it.

Q: How did you come up with the idea and what's the association with the world famous World Naked Bike Ride?

A: Rang Bicycle NSW one day in connection with work, they convinced me to start riding to work again, ABC had moved to Ultimo so it was an easy ride. I always thought it was sexist that women couldn't go topless like men. WNBR is a pretty loose association, everyone creates their own ride in their own style. We wanted to make our event more inclusive so we added the swimmers or bikini bottom minimum rule.

Q: What are your main aims and objectives?

A: Fundraising for Child Cancer Research
Promoting Clover Moore's bike plan
Reclaiming the body from the wowsers
Giving ordinary people a chance to be artists

Q: Who have been your biggest supporters to date?

A: Natasha, my family and personal friends and my ABC colleagues who have given up their expertise, ideas and spare time. Catherine our designer, Wendy our secretary, Phuong Le, the human dynamo, Mayor Murray Matson, too many more to mention. Everyone supports us, we have no opponents.

Q: What has been the response to the event thus far?

A: Disbelief followed by overwhelming enthusiasm.

Q: What's the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) connection, and what "scoops" and "inside stuff" can you put into the public domain?

A: As little as possible please! The ABC people can technically be X for this!

Q: Why is freedom of speech and of expression, so important?

A: Take a look at the people on this planet who don't have it…

Q: What's your motto?

A: Miracles and mischief managed.

Q: How do you maintain the balance between sexy, arty and not "over the top"?

A: Sexiness is in the eye of the beholder.

Our ride is about Art, we want to celebrate the Australian volunteering spirit. We want to see all body shapes, all ethnicities in our ride, it's our individual differences bonded as a united community that make us so powerful and make Australia such a great place to live. That's the symbolism of the Human Rainbow. We are great supporters of celebrating sexuality but we already have the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to do that.


Editors note: This even may be just the biggest thing that Maroubra Beach has ever seen, and we are delighted to be part of this even of mammouth porportians. Watch out for the Media Team!


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