Interview - Jack Loyd-Grisham

Interview: Jack Loyd-Grisham, Candidate for California, Musician and Surfer: 20th August 2003

We interview Jack Loyd-Grisham who is running for governer of California.

Jack steps out of the water, and into the political arena.

We report from Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia, acrosss to California...

What's your background?

Well if you mean political background I have none.

Why should you be considered for the top job in California?

Because I really don't want to do it and it always amazes me that these candidates would spend 10's of millions of dollars for a job that's 24 hours a day and only pays 170 grand.

What political party do you represent, and why?

I represent the true Independent party because I believe that once elected to office you should represent all the people equally instead of being the democratic governor or the republican governor of California you should just be ' the Governor".

What do you stand for?

I believe I stand for the people that cannot stand for themselves.

What don't you stand for?

Racism,deceit, greed and fear.

Who are your main supporters? - why?

Anyone that has sat and talked to me for any length of time because they can taste my sincerity, my passion and my willingness to sacrifice all I have for the benefit of our people.

Your detractors? - why?

For the same reasons as above I am frightening to the people that would force their will upon an overly burdened community.

If you got the job, what would the first things you would do, from a practical and administrative perspective?

I would establish a budget cap to control the rampant spending of our present government then I would start from the top eliminating waste and outdated programs to free up more money for our pressing social responsibilities.

Ok, if you didn't get in, and one of the others did, do you prefer Arnie, Abner or someone else? - why?

The majority of other candidates are the same as they've always been, wolves in sheeps clothing.

When your not running in political circles, what keep you busy?

I am a surfer and I spend my time with my wife and two children and in various community causes.

What are you most well known for?

I am the singer in an American punk rock band " True Sounds Of Liberty ".

What would you like to be known for?

Being kind and gentle.

When and why did you decide to run for California?

I was tired of seeing people hurt and dumped on.

Why are so many politicians held in disdain?

because they are liars and power hungry.

Is your current effort a one off shot, or would you run again in the future,if need be?

I will do whatever I can to bring about change.

What do people who know you well say about Jack?

That I wear my heart on my sleeve and that they can go to me with problems or concerns and I will hold their trust.

What other media coverage have you attracted recently, and in the past?

TV - print ads- radio

Has the Sac Bee been fair and balanced to all the candidates?

I'm not sure.

What motivates you?

I believe it is our job to look after each other and to respect our environment.

What's your motto?

Respect for California, respect for Californian's.

What's the best thing about living in California?

Disneyland ( smiles).

When all the buzz has settled down, what will you do to relax?

Have a surf with the kids and then keep working.


Editors note: Our more interesting and unique political based interview to date. Jack sounds like a man of strong morals and principles...what's he running for : )


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