Interview - Michele Madden

Interview: Michele Madden, Lead Musician / Vocals: Tourettes -
28th February 2004

What's your background?

I was raised by wolves after being deleted by the mainstream. That and general antisocial behavior lead to being a rockstar.

What did you parents say when you told them what you would be doing?

It did not do anyone any favors. I don't think that they really cared. It was best for all involved that I removed myself. So I did and it suits me just fine. My Family are my brothers in my band.

Describe your style?

Violent and precice. Artless and militant. Mine.

Are you as "out there" as your music suggests?

Does this look like a hobby to you? Does it sound like a walk in the park? Do you think that anyone would really choose this?!!! Look, you are gonna die. Get what you have to get done and crush all that gets in your way. Does that answer your question?

What's your personal favourite hit and why?

There is nothing like a good headbutt. That and a six point kill.

What's the smallest and largest crowd you have ever performed to?

Smallest? 2 guys. I introduced them to each other and we played a great set.

Biggest? The 04' Sydney BDO (Big Day Out) main stage. Strapping young lad. Sydney Metro 03'

Numbers don't matter. Play every show like your life depends on it or don't play at all.

What are your current projects?

I write,Train and am recording album number 3. That keeps me pretty busy for the time being. We are out of here to tour the US and Canada mid year so that is taking allot of my energy as well.

What motivates you?

Self conviction, Power and revenge. The pure moment of sonic bliss that comes with being up there. I could lie and give you all the PC answers that everyone trots out but I wont waste your time. I am not in a race with anyone but myself and I am a harsh opponent. I want to be at the top of my game and the people who hate me are fuel and I thank them . The fans are the closest thing that I have ever felt to being loved. That and there is nothing like loud music to let you know you exist. I don't claim to be
anything that my fans are not. We are all in the shit together. I hope that I am loud enough when they cant be. I owe my life to the Sikfuk nation and my own tenacity.

What's the biggest misconception about you?

You don't have enough time or patience to cover that ....Trust me. Personal fave? That I have a soft side.

Describe a typical day for you?

Not as interesting as you think. I tend to sleep all day as I don't like mixing with the day dwellers. They offend my good taste. I spend allot of time communicating with the extended family that our fans have constructed. I write and read about 2 books or so a day. I record with Ash [ guitarist ] as often as we can. Train. Listen to allot of good music. Attempt to look myself in the eye once a day. Try it. If you do it right and don't lie to yourself it is an achievement to be proud of.

What do you do to relax?

If you can tell me then we will both know.


Editors note: These guys rock. You need to listen to them now. If you don't like the attitude, get over it!


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