Interview - John Miller

Interview: John Miller, Proprietor, Mr Big Stuff: 20th June 2003

Media Man Australia's starts the first in a series of interviews with well known Maroubra identities. Mr Big Stuff operates one of Maroubra's most popular, and arguably the best, cafes in Sydney.

What's your background?

Well here we go. My background is with the federal government in management and training . A 21 year career that ended in 1997 with redundancy. I am a father of two and the primary care giver and have always enjoyed cooking up a storm for them.

Maroubra has a regional feel about it, natural headland, a long sandy beach and a village of people from all walks of life. The businesses are all familiar and ready to help out each other. All this only 12kms from the GPO.

What positive changes have been occurring in Maroubra?

Positive changes: new infrastructure and maintenance of it. I.e. parks, promenade, surf club, protection of the headland and the planting of native plants to maintain the dunes. The new development will bring life to the business here who are struggling.

What negatives are in Maroubra?

Negative : the group of boys who harass people for no apparent reason other than to satisfy their own inebriated state. The councils insistence on the payment of outdoor dining without upgrading the footpaths. Functions: In the past 4 years I have hosted 67 parties. The precinct committee, the St Joseph St Marry Primary School (3) times. Commonwealth bank, the wombats football team, the Malabar rescue boat team, Coogee rugby club, a wedding, 2, 60ths and many other birthday parties. A film crew, a music band.

I have built a reputation for hosting parties, the diary is filling up for 2003. My venue can hold 40 people it has a beautiful garden courtyard with a bbq. The position of the cafe makes it suitable for both summer and winter, it has a triple brick siding to keep it warm and fully opening doors to let in the sea breezes in summer. The open kitchen fits into the floor plan, the colors, lighting and music system make it an interesting, comfortable place to have a function.

What memorable events have occurred at Mr Big Stuff?

Well memorable events. I had a naked man come into the cafe, a bit off his face and offered his assistance in being my bodyguard and would protect me if needed. The only thing I could help him with was breakfast, he was obviously not hungry. The other customers got a bit of a laugh.

The multicultural street party held last year was a huge success with over 100 people incl business in the area enjoyed and evening of dancing and laughs at Mr big stuff.

How are some of the personalities that go to Mr Big Stuff?

Personalities that have been in the cafe. Hugo Weaving, Ben from Big Brother, some of the swans and Eastern Suburbs Roosters, Marg for the Palmolive add, you are soaking in it and others that come here for anonymity.


Editors note: Maroubra Beach is a great place to live. Maroubra has some of the best cafe's in the world, and Mr Big Stuff is right up there. Mr Big Stuff also offers the only public internet access in Maroubra.


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