Interview - 'Diamond' Dallas Page. Founder of DDP Yoga

Interview: 'Diamond' Dallas Page. Founder of DDP Yoga and professional wrestling legend - January 2019


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'Diamond' Dallas Page has been on the Media Man's radar for a long time. Over two decades in fact! From wrestling manager, to WCW Heavyweight champion, to author, yoga authority and world class communicator.

In the past number of years Page has really come into prominence as a world leading practitioner and expert in Yoga, with his own DDP Yoga, now with app. His most famous and celebrated success stories and clients include pro wrestlers such as Chris Jericho, Drew McIntyre, Mick Foley and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. Page's story and championing of yoga was so powerful and inspirational that it sparked Media Man founder and director, Greg Tingle, to start attending beach yoga with Eastern Beaches of Sydney yoga guru, James Ward-Collins. Tingle has lost more than 6lbs in 6 months, by doing yoga, boxing and MMA training, swimming, jogging and outdoor gym, as well as improving overall diet. Page's updates inspired Media Man management to chase down an interview with Page and this was facilitated via his business partner Garett. Page did the interview over a bite, and Media Man friend and associate Mr. Ward-Collins, transcribed the interview for the worldwide audience (thanks to the power of the internet and new media). We're currently reading Page's first book, and will soon be in possession of his most recent release, 'Positively Unstoppable'. This interview is one of our favorites, despite having not (yet) met the great man in person. Thank you DDP for helping people around the world discover their better self, a healthier version, and guiding people to a more positive outlook on life. Here is the interview with the living legend himself. BANG!

Page in his WCW days

Q1. How and when did you find out about the massive benefits of yoga and when did you start to realise that your DDP Yoga was a smart thing to do and a nature progression of your career as a wrestling manager, wrestler and motivational speaker?

The online reason yoga got in my life was out of necessity. When I blew my back out and they told me that my career was over, I just had signed a multi-million dollar 3 year deal, and I had to find something - enter yoga.

I never thought about making a career about it. I was just trying to heal myself and its not just yoga monkey... it's yoga rehabilitation techniques, old school calisthenics and dynamic resistance.

How that came together was completely by accident, and once I realised how much it helped me, I was back in the ring in 3 and a half months... so, I realised I was going to do that workout the rest of my life, so I just kept helping other people.

It turned me into me writing a book, and a DVD system, and now the App... to go along with the 'Positively Unstoppable' book, 'The Art Of Owning It', it all just spins together. It's like I was supposed to be doing it.

Q2. How many people do you estimate you have helped with their health and well-being through DDP Yoga?

God, I dunno... A lot! Haha. Tens of thousands, I don't know.

Q3. Why are former and current wrestlers such awesome advocates of DDP Yoga, and what three are your most prized students to date?

I think the reason why the boys are so passionate about my program is because it helps heal than and helps preventative maintenance. It helps them from getting injured, but if they do get injured, it can heal them again.

The guy that put this on the map is Chris Jericho, and he has the same problem I had. Three doctors said that he would never wrestler again. Three months later with the program he was back in the ring, headlining WrestleMania with Punk, and then told everyone about it.

Probably the top guys doing my program right now... still Chris Jericho, Still 7 years later at 48, headlining the Tokyo Dome and singing a multi-million deal with AEW. I think that's the best example.

Next would be AJ Styles, who is 41 now, and and wrestling like he is still 21.

And then, the big mammoth cat out there, is Drew McIntyre. I think that these guys put a stamp on what we're doing.

Q4. Other than 'It Ain't Your Mama's Yoga', what are your other mottos?

DDP Yoga is yoga for people who wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga.

I never developed this for yogis, I developed this for the people who wouldn't be caught dead going yoga.

And if you look at a few transformations you will see what I am talk about.


Q5. How many copies of 'Positively Unstoppable' have you sold?

No idea at the time, but its going to be in publication. It's going to be out there the whole time while I am doing what I am doing. Because its a great workbook for people, and that's the reason I wrote it... because I wanted to give people my program with a whole different way to look at things and reprogram brains, but people who don't do the program it will be in the back of their brains as they move through life as how it can truly help them.

Q6. How would you like to be best remembered?

You know, I have heard that question a million times. Other people ask other people... good guys, haha. Straight shooter, honest and loyal. That'll be close enough for me.



Page is super flexible and agile. Par for the course.


A select few get to train with Page close up


Dallas Page, Scott Hall and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. Roberts has said on more than once occasion that Page, his wisdom, motivation, strength and love saved his life!


*transcribed by James Ward-Collins (Suntouched Yoga and The Petrol Panther)

Suntouched Yoga Facebook *James is based in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs


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