Interview - Jim Parisi: TV Newz and Coastal News Network

I/V: Jim Parisi, reporter for TV Newz & founder of Coastal News Network

1st May 2003

What's your background - media and personal?

Started in radio news as an anchor/reporter at a very small station, worked my way up to the Boston market, the sixth largest in the US. But the excitement was always around television, so I chased down a tiny TV job and started the long climb up again. I was always an anchor and reporter, but people kept making me the boss, so I eventually got addicted to seeing the big picture, running newsrooms with my unique vision. There's nothing like dreaming up a plan and helping hard-working people carry it through.

Did you choose media, or did it choose you?

I wanted to be a journalist as a small child thanks in part to the old Superman/Clark Kent shows. It seemed exciting. Then as a young adult, the Watergate/Nixon story broke, and the value of reporting the truth to the public got me hooked forever.

What's your greatest accomplishments?

The birth of my children.


I was first to greet President Clinton when the Gennifer Flowers story broke, had two private interviews with President George Bush (sr), developed the world's first Interactive Newscast in 1994, founded, and now after 16 years of working on it, will debut the first television newscasts dedicated to those who live, work or play near the world's oceans, Coastal News. Played a reporter in a movie with Nick Nolte, does that matter? :)

What platform of media do you prefer and why?

Radio is most fun and comfortable, TV is the most powerful (for now), but the Internet is the most exciting for the future!

What organisations and other journalists do you respect the most and why?

I respect those who don't put on airs, or act all self-important. Those with humility. I respect most the small market, hard-working News Managers and on-air folks. I love the 'little guy' most.

What was the main turning point in your career?

When I had my first child I realized that nothing I always thought was important mattered more than time spent with that baby. I changed my whole life after that. Walked out in the middle of the day from a News Director position in New York, left the good money and crazy hours behind, and decided to find ways to do exciting media projects as long as I could spend a lot of time with my family.

Have you ever been to Australia?

No, but I love the ocean, so I'd love it. Everything about me is ocean-related. Born and raised in the "Ocean State", which is Rhode Island, USA (not an island by the way, it's a state near Massachusetts and NY). I'm even an Aquarius, the Water Bearer by sign. I'm addicted to the sea, thus my Coastal News Network obsession. The few folks I've met from Australia were fun-loving and kind people, always ready with a quick smile. I'd come visit if the flight was four hours or so....I will have reports from your country in my Coastal shows...check the website in two months!

What's the most dangerous situation you have been in?

Well, all reporters have been near gunshots and the like. We've all been stalked as well. But easily the most dangerous were the times I've had to show the ratings to TV anchors with big egos, just the two of us in a small office :)

Future goals and aspirations?

The run the 'next' CNN, Coastal News Network, and be THE place the world comes for anything ocean-related.

What else would you like to share with our audience?

Do what you dream. Never compromise that dream. I grew up a poor Italian kid in the city, and had no business thinking I could do what I've accomplished so far (however minimal). When people say you'll never do a certain thing, smile on the inside, and know you will do it. Oh, and I love Hot Tamales, that cinnamon candy!

By the way, I'm also about to launch a lifelong dream regional TV program called Coastal News. Kicks off in June in Northeast USA. To read an article about that check out, click on the text or logo.


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