Interview - Brigette Paroissien

Interview: Brigette Paroissien,
Model, Actor and Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur


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What's your background?

My parents are French, though I was born in Australia.

What are you best known for?

I would probably have to say the TV commercials I have done, such as Keno, Pepsi, Eagle boys and The Absersizer are the main ones people on the street recognise me from. Though my fire twirling and acrobatics displays are also well known through QLD and NSW.

You are so much more than just another pretty face. Explain to our readers why its so important to be more than "just" beautiful these days to make it in the entertainment industry?

These days people want to know someone has substance, they want more then just an exterior. Depth, knowledge and experience all contribute to enhancing ones performance and people skills. If you are more then just a pretty face it stands out. I am studying my second university degree, and in 2007 I will complete my bachelor of Pharmaceutical science. Studying broadens your horizons, enhances your thinking skills and teaches you discipline which every employer seeks in an employee.

What do you consider the highlights of your life and career?

Every piece of film and TV I am involved in seems a highlight as its my passion. I have done a few stunts in my career which were extremely fun! Other great times that come to mind are touring with bands back up dancing, and fire twirling at the Pirelli Calendar launch, and a cat walk fashion show with snakes. I modelled for Tracey Moffatt last international exhibition. She is a very worldly and eccentric lady and I learnt much about the arts from my time with her.

What are your current projects?

I have been working on the new TV series ‘H2O just add water’, a popular teenage drama, as Candy the doctors girlfriend. I just wrapped up working on 2 film clips, with Artists ‘Scott Brewer’ and ‘ Exquisite’ . I did all my own stunts as a super hero on Scott Brewer's project. I am currently training up for a lead role in an urban street fighting film, set to start filming early 2007.

You've very sporty and athletically gifted. How many sports do you excel at?

My main sports I train at on a regular basis are motocross, horse riding, gymnastics, surfing and kung fu.

Where did your love of bikes come from?

My mum got me onto a bike at a young age as she rode herself. After my first ride I was sold! I rode an old Kawasaki LTD 250 on the road for 4 years before I bought my first car. Now I mainly ride on the dirt, we built a motocross track on my property so I have a fun park in my backyard!

What main attributes of yours got you in the FHM Sexist 100 women in the world?

Im really not sure, though they seem to like the bum shot the most, so I would say my bum.

Who are your mentors and why?

My father, he is a very motivated positive person, just amazing to be around.

Who has been most supportive of your career and what sponsors have backed you up?

My parents are extremely supportive, along with my best friends and sports teachers. I have local sponsorship from various gold coast bikini labels.

You are based on the Gold Coast and often travel down to Sydney. What sort of assignments are you doing in Sydney?

In Sydney I tend to perform at a lot of openings and launches. Also lots of magazine and artistic modelling.

I hear your quite a good actor. What was it like to act in 'The Marine'? (many wrestling fans will read this and John Cena is also ultra popular like you).

Unfortunately I only had a small role on The Marine but my time spent on set was great , a really lovely cast and crew.

How does the internet assist you?

It gives me access to contact photographers and produces, and vice versa. I get most of my modelling work via the internet modelling websites, its unbelievably helpful.

Who is your stylist?

Michael from the salon ‘time for hair’ in Southport gold coast, when only the best will do. My hair often has fire damage so it always needs serious rescuing!

What are your favourite fashion labels?

I am not a very fashion conscious person, my wardrobe still has clothes from my teens. I love being comfortable, so anything that allows me to do my crazy stuff, is good for me. Though I have my bikinis tailor made as my bum is too small for main stream labels. Troy costumes set me up with the hottest little numbers.

Who is your favourite performing artist and why?

Too hard, too many great ones out there.

What are some of your hidden talents, that your not to shy to for "the world" to know?

I think the world has seen most of my talents. I have owned snakes my whole life so maybe snake handling counts as a hidden talent.

What star sign are you?

Libran, I am continually balancing my life and myself. And very indecisive!

What do you look for in a man?

A great sense of humour. I love a man that makes me laugh…or scream.


Editors note: what an amazing talent in so many ways. Our friend Neal Cameron really knows how to pick them. Brigette Paroissien is the appidimy of brains and beauty and I know we will hear a lot more from her.


Brigette Paroissien official website



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