Interview: Matthew Quigley

Interview: Matthew Quigley, Wrestler: 14th September 2002

GT. How did you get stated in wrestling?

MQ. It was my 14th birthday when I met Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy. He had ask me if I wanted to be a wrestler, I could not say a word I was in shock .I have wanted to be a wrestler when I saw Hulk Hogan pin Andre the Giant.

GT. What was your best match?

MQ. I would say that my best match was with Terry Gordy in 2000 in Daytona Beach Fl. (It was a bloody one).

GT. What is your favorite move?

MQ. My favorite move would have to be the figure four, with a old school move you can never go wrong.

GT. What's your best road story?

MQ. I would have to say the most funniest road story would have to be when I was tagging with Abby (Abdullah the Butcher) and he went to stab The Dark Angel in the head but when he did the fork got stuck in his head and he was running all around the ring with blood shooting all over the place.

GT. What are your short, medium and long term goals?

MQ. I'm not sure of my shortest or medium goal but my long term would be to make it to WWE. It does not matter if I'm the champ just as long as I can be in there ring.

GT. Do you prefer to play heel or face?

MQ. I prefer to work face I think think the fans like me better that way and I think I'm better that way.

GT. What is your worst injury?

MQ. My worst in jury would have to be when I got 3/4 of my ear torn off when I got in the back all I could do I laugh and say I wonder what Mick Foley would say.

GT. What do you do when your not wrestling?

MQ. When I'm not wrestling I'm spending time with my wife at my home in north Georgia. I have been all over America I have all ways wanted to go over seas a work but I have not got a call yet to do that. I would have to say that I an a mix between old school & hardcore. I really look up to Hulk Hogan, Terry Funk, Terry Gordy, & Rowdy Roddy Piper. When I look at tapes of me it kind of makes me think about them.

GT. I have heard wrestlers can get a rush when they are bleeding. Have you experienced this?

MQ. Yes I get a very big rush when I'm bleeding. Ya I have thought of that sometimes and sometimes I have had dreams of it.

GT. Whats the biggest crowd you have performed in front of?

MQ. I think that the biggest crown was 1600.

GT. What did your parents say when they found out you were going to be a wrestler?

MQ. My mom don't like the fact that I was going to be a wrestler, but my dad was more for it.

GT. Who are some of the most famous and interesting people you have met?

MQ. I have meet a lot of really cool people like Hank Williams Jr.,Jerry Lawler, and a lot of actors.

GT. Do you have any real "heat" with any wrestlers?

MQ. I would say that the one person that I get real heat with would be Dusty Rhodes. Sometimes when he runes his own shows he ask me to come down and work for him. That would be ether Abby or Dusty but it is real hard to figure out which one because they are both so big in the business.