Interview: Richard Webb, CEO - RedSheriff

Interview: Richard Webb, Chief Executive Officer, RedSheriff
16th May 2003

What's your annual financial turnover?

RedSheriff's total annual turnover is $10,050,231 for financial year ending June 2002. This has placed RedSheriff in 9th position for the 2003 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 within Australia. RedSheriff expects to continue to grow at about 50% per annum over the next few years.

What kind of disaster recovery systems do you have in place?

There are a total of 9 data centres around the world which have the ability to effortlessly switch traffic for any reason. Two of these data centres are located in Melbourne and process the actual data. The data centres are all located in different ISPs, ranging from MCI, NTT, Inet and Telstra Clear to name a few. Each centre is protected with backup power and visible security measures.

How do you measure KPI's on customer service?

RedSheriff employs one of our many product/service offerings in quantitative research; inviting clients to provide empirical feedback in relation to our Client Service support and creating a global benchmark of customer satisfaction across a base of over 1,000 clients internationally. Based on these rankings, each Account Manager uses this as a method of providing objective performance feedback. RedSheriff also measures the uptime of its systems with proprietary software developed in-house.

What are your most notable client success?

RedSheriff is strong in many business verticals; namely publishers, portals,financial services, sports, employment, travel, real estate, government, FMCG, to name a few...We have happy customers from around the world.

Clients include Microsoft, Yahoo, CNN,, Seek, Nikkei, Ziff Davis, NHL, News Corporation, Association of Tennis Professionals and many other local and global entities. Each client has managed to improve their business operations and gain greater insight as a result of RedSheriff's reports.

Various testimonials are located at

What positive media coverage have you received?

All of RedSheriff's internal media releases and external coverage are
located at

The media has used RedSheriff's data throughout the world to support their articles and have also discussed the various activities that have occurred within the company, from the Traffion acquisition in December 2002 to its placement on the 2002 BRW Fast 100 list and 2003 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 to data capture methodologies etc.

How is most new business acquired?

RedSheriff maintains a direct sales force presence in each market and adopts a proactive focused approach in accelerating penetration of key target business verticals including publishers/portals, financial services, real estate, employment, automotive, media, travel, sport and government. The introduction of Market Intelligence globally has significantly lifted RedSheriff's profile as the definitive source of metrics. Given the extensive brand awareness in Australia, many organizations now also approach RedSheriff directly with a request for a further explanation on services available.

How many physical offices does RedSheriff occupy and how many countries do you service?

RedSheriff services over 1,000 clients in more than 40 countries. Physical offices are currently located in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Milan, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Cape Town, New York and Los Angeles.

What is the most promising new technology you are using and /or rolling out?

RedSheriff ensures that all technology used is constantly evolving and being used to meet clients' needs. RedSheriff Media is the company's newest technology. The benefit of this product is that it combines the advantagesof both Ad measurement and Site measurement companies into a total solution package so clients can delve into this united relationship.

Another new focus is the emphasis on keyword tracking given the growth in the purchase of key words for Search Engines so there has been a greater need to evaluate the ROI.

RedSheriff's Market Intelligence will also be aggressively expanded throughout the world and will provide companies with a gauge on their ranking from a competitor benchmark perspective in addition to retrieving some comprehensive demographic information. RedSheriff's new products: Media, Profile, eCommerce and Market Intelligence are all set to assist companies with their online activities and audience to a greater extent than ever before.



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