Interview - Gabrielle Reilly

Interview: Gabrielle Reilly, social and community entrepreneur, political and media analyst, founder The Global Townhall - March 2015


The Global Townhall


Gabrielle Reilly

What's the "secret" to your success?

Having a purpose greater than myself… I followed my destiny or calling. It happens when a vision burns in your soul. When your mind and emotions align as one, the universe will conspire to make what’s in your mind become a reality in your life.

When I was five or six, I was lying in bed when a light filled the room, or I had a dream, or a vision. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it seared into the essence of my being. I saw Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and Wonder Woman. That night I knew that I would grow up to unite the most influential people in the world by serving mankind with the heart of Mother Theresa, raising people up like Martin Luther King… but packaging myself like Wonder Woman.

On 9/11 that vision suddenly made all the sense in the world to me and I knew what I had to do.

How and when did you break into the media world?

As I mentioned, after 9/11 I was compelled to act. I launched a website to help share a more peaceful political perspective around the world. The most searched term on the internet then was “bikini.” So that’s what I donned… a bikini as my hook to talk about politics and peace. The internet ended up being like Wonder Woman’s glass plane. I could wiz around the world on the internet in seconds in an outfit as skimpy as hers.

The website which morphed into the
took off around the world becoming one of the top sites on the internet. Media outlets globally were interviewing me, which gave me more opportunity to spread my message. Photographers were lining up to take my pictures. I was given this silly catch phrase the “super model with super brains.”

I’m fundamentally very shy about showing my body off but I think it is nobler to wear a bikini and speak the truth and spread love, than it is to stand in a suit and say outrageous things that stir riots and deaths around the world as some of our more well-known political commentators were doing to get themselves noticed.

I was approached by some of the most influential academic and political organizations in Washington DC because I offered a unique perspective in my political opinions.

For example, I wrote an article giving a global geopolitical analysis of oil prices, predicting exactly what occurred between 2003 and 2006. Ivy League college grads were still stuck in the old paradigm they were taught that “OPEC doesn’t control oil prices, the market does.” They hadn’t reevaluated the rise of China and its new demand on oil, combined with a former KGB Director becoming President of Russia which had the other 51% of the world’s energy… They poo-hooed me at first and then realized I was right, OPEC was temporarily in a position of power over oil prices. The global energy system now is completely different now of course.

During this time I met some of the most well-known people in the world. I packed away my swimsuit a decade ago and am thankful to be back in my business suits again interviewing the most famous people in the world.

When and why did you create The Global Townhall?

My previous sites morphed into about five years ago to continue my work. It is dedicated to raising people up, entertainment, global stability, diplomacy and human rights.

I’m thrilled that such amazing people such as moon walker Buzz Aldrin, Italian Opera singer Andrea Bocelli, World Tennis Champion Caroline Wozniacki, billionaire T Boone Pickens, supermodel Kathy Ireland, movie star Mads Mikkelsen etc, have wanted to be a part of it!

You are a beautiful, intelligent and driven woman. What are some of the main ways you have been able to use your celebrity, profile and influence for good?

Thank you! Much of the global impact I have happens behind the scenes, behind closed doors. I personally advise some of the most influential people in world. I’m a confidante. I never breach that trust. Loyalty is paramount.

I also connect people who need to be connected. I am involved with influential people in many countries, in many industries, so I am good at knowing what someone needs and who to get it from… much of which I can’t talk about either.

One small example I can mention would be when I travelled throughout America for 8 days with Australian Federal Senator Jacqui Lambie. She is dedicated to helping Australia’s veterans so I introduced her to Congressman Cleaver in Washington DC who serves on the Veteran’s Affairs Committee. He provided Senator Lambie with the American GI Bill for her to go through and adopt smart ideas that she could push forward in Australia to benefit the veterans.

On a grassroots level, people contact me regularly to thank me for inspiring them through my uplifting interviews on The Global Townhall.

I’m also involved with a number of organizations dedicated to good international relations with world leaders.

Who have been the top few influences in your life and career, and why?

I would say that the person who has influenced me the most, and I don’t mean this in a religious sense, is Jesus… the man who walked on Earth. I had a children’s bible when I was little and I used to love reading stories about him. He did not judge people, he was not cruel, he walked in peace and helped people wherever he could. He even let a prostitute wash his feet so who are we as people to judge anyone? Clearly we are not supposed to. If all the Christians in the world tried to live as Jesus showed us to, the world would be a much kinder place.

What are the biggest obstacles you have overcome?

I was deeply hurt by friends and family when they lashed out at me, not understanding what I was doing when I suddenly started wearing a bikini; and the people on the internet could be so mean as they are to all people.

I had to deal with green-headed, jealous women. As my looks fade this is one thing I will celebrate… not having to deal with the green-headed monster when all I want is world peace.

I’m so sensitive. It hurt so much I withdrew from the world for years. My heart couldn’t take the pain. I had to grow thick skin.

It felt like this was a cross I had to bear though to do what I had to do.

What is your connection to Queensland based politician Clive Palmer?

My Mum is a Palmer so Clive is family. I was just back in Australia a few weeks ago and had the most fantastic time with Clive, his wife Anna and the kids at their home near Surfers Paradise. They took me out for a beautiful seafood lunch and we watched old family movies in his home theatre.

Clive is really thoughtful, very entertaining and obviously very smart. He is a visionary. His wife Anna is an exceptional woman; she is very kind, humble, intelligent and a great Mum. His kids are fantastic. They are all so lovely; I had one of the nicest days of my life with them.

All famous/influential people have the media coming after them… that’s what sells newspapers. Clive is good for selling newspapers for them, he makes them money, and gosh can they misrepresent him!

What did you most enjoy about your most recent trip down under to Australia?

All of it was awesome but Canberra was fantastic. I didn’t realize how many Members of Parliament and Senators I knew. I was given the VIP treatment there for a few days that’s for sure! They picked me up from my hotel, took me to dinners, a party, even to a night club. Who knew Canberra could be so much fun.

I understand that Alice Springs (where we are currently based) is your original hometown. When and why did you decide to expand your horizons, all the way to Kansas, USA?

I’ve lived in Papua New Guinea, Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs. I love all those places. I moved to Kansas City 18 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. Actually, I went into labor on the flight from Australia to America, but that is a whole other story.... I love Kansas City and have lived here as long as I have lived anywhere so it really feels like home.

What are your main hobbies and interests outside of work, and is there much cross over for you?

My work is pretty much my social life but I love to read, garden, decorate my home, watch sunsets and spend as much time as possible enjoying my patio which is set in a forest. Breathing in the fresh air is invigorating. One of my favorite things to do also is learning how to Latin/ballroom dance, even though I have two left feet. I love doing Zumba classes and dancing around my home with music pumping.

Any plans to return to Alice Springs? (we had to ask)

I would love to go back to Alice Springs. All of my family has left Alice though, so it is hard to find the time to get back when I’m in Australia to visit family.

Do you think some of the locals here at 'The Alice' may remember you, when they read this interview?

Yes, I’m friends with quite a few on Facebook. I just love my friends from Alice. Most of them are such characters!

You have met and interviewed some many people.. world leaders, Olympians, world class social entrepreneurs and humanitarians... who haven't you met and interviewed yet, that you would like to?

The Dalai Lama.

What are your favorite philanthropic causes, and why?

I am honored to serve on the Executive Committee on a Board of Trustees alongside the 3 Star Generals (ret.) The Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas have an International Military Officer Program that trains international officers from all around the world.

Previous officers include the President of Indonesia, the Prime Minister of Singapore and the King of Bahrain. The US officers include all five of our 5 Star Generals as well as our Presidents so you can get an understanding of the immense caliber of the program.

The International Officers (IO) and their families spend a year or two here in Fort Leavenworth learning about democracy, the West, America etc. As an example Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono contributes his training here at Fort Leavenworth in 1991, to what he has achieved in Indonesia over the past 20 years. Besides the economic growth, he introduced democracy throughout Indonesia, the largest Muslim population in the world, without a single bullet having to be fired. In fact I just met President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last month at Fort Leavenworth where his son is currently attending.

The International and USA Officers and their families become good friends throughout their stay here in Kansas. Over the years, if there is conflict in their respective countries, they have been able to pick up the phone and talk to an old friend from their college days to resolve the problems. Many conflicts throughout the years have been avoided because of these relationships. This program has helped with global peace and stability in ways we will never be able to measure.

What's your motto?

Be kind, spread love, contribute to society and spend as much time as you can outdoors in nature.

How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as being a great Mum. It’s the most important job in the world. Before any of my causes, my kids come first. I don’t believe any parent should save the world at the expense of their own children. Besides, I’m best at being a Mum, it’s what I love most in life.

Editors note: A truly remarkable woman and we know that our friends and associates far and wide, from Alice Springs, to Sydney, up to Hollywood, Washington and beyond are going to get something good from this. Stay tuned to this space, as we and the world at large have not heard the last of Gabrielle Reilly.