Interview - John "Vulcan" Seru

Interview: John "Vulcan" Seru, Wrestling legend, trainer, motivator and actor - June 2017


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John "Vulcan" Seru, also known as 'The Fijian Warrior", is one of the greatest Australian professional wrestlers of all time.

Media Man, via our business association with John and his wife, Christina, have secured this exclusive interview. For those of you that know John, you are aware of his greatness and significance in the industry. For those of you who don't, you are in for an education!

Working out has been a way of life for you. How often do you train now?

Yes, I have been weight training since my early 20's, to assist my football involvement which I started as a teenager. These days, I still train hard and consistently. I'm lucky because I own and work in the gym, so I have plenty of opportunity to train. There are a great group of members here too, which I find motivating to train alongside. I work out twice a day every day but Sunday. Cardio fitness early in the morning followed by a weight regime later in the day.

How do you see the fitness industry has changed since you began your career?

There have been many changes in the fitness industry over the last 30 years. I see all forms of fighting to have really been a major direction in fitness training gaining momentum in the last 10 years. Those of us who have been around for a long time know that fads come and go and everything is a cycle - the latest thing in fitness is always something that has been done before, just with a new slant. But Wrestling, Boxing, Martial Arts - they are all extremely good for conditioning. This type of training is great for men and women of all fitness levels and compliments performance in other sports.

Where did you learn to wrestle?

I was fortunate enough to train at the famous and World-renown Malenko's Wrestling Academy in Tampa, Florida USA. I was in one of the last groups to be trained by THE best and most respected of trainers, Professor Boris Malenko, before he sadly passed away. As well, his famous and respected sons, WCW and WWE Superstar Dean Malenko and his brother, Shoot Wrestling Expert Joe Malenko also trained me. Today there are so many gyms around with various fitness programs that essentially offer the same thing.

How is Wrestling different from anything people have tried before?

Training wrestling is an art form - like teaching somebody a trade. Once you know how to wrestle, you know for life. Wrestling provides you with cardio fitness, muscle endurance and all over body weight strength. It is great to develop confidence and self-discipline.

Your gym 'Club Vulcan' is known for being a classic 'old school' style gym. In a world of supermarket fitness gyms, what makes Club Vulcan stand out?

The great, friendly atmosphere - we know everyone who trains here and everyone knows each other! We care about you and your family. We are "old school" by our friendly and attentive service, but we give you the best of THE latest in fitness training. And I work here myself - to design your program, oversee your training and motivate you! We are A REAL GYM WITH REAL RESULTS!

Why is it so importance to learn to wrestle via a professional and credible trainer?

Professional wrestling is a sport that incorporates a lot of athletic ability, acrobatics and inherent strength. In order to master the moves proficiently and avoid serious injury, participants MUST:

- build their fitness through regular and consistent cardio training (at least 3 times a week minimum).
- build their strength through regular and consistent weight training(at least 3 times a week minimum).
- practice and increase their flexibility by safely stretching before and after training and before wrestling.
- selecting a legitimate Professional Wrestling School with a proper experienced and fully trained Coach.

NB: Wrestling is not just a sport per se.........there is a story to be told. You need to learn the scientific side of wrestling in order to tell the story properly. Only a "real" pro-wrestling Coach can teach you this. You will never be reach the top in Pro-Wrestling without this proper training and education of the techniques and moves.


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