Interview - Dan Severn

Interview: Dan Severn, MMA and Professional Wrestling Legend, Trainer and Business Entrepreneur
- September 2019


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Severn with the NWA, UFC and additional championship belts

We once again interview Dan 'The Beast' Severn. A legitimate MMA and pro wrestling legend and one of the key fighters who helped build the UFC into the powerhouse it is today. It's been 16 years since we first interviewed Mr. Severn. This interview was conducted the day after his historic matches against Ken Shamrock at Moore Park, Sydney, Australia, under the BCW (Battle Championship Wrestling) promotion. We ranked the match at 4 stars plus. Enjoy this insightful, educational, raw and in-depth interview with a true throwback grappler, wrestler, martial artist and business entrepreneur of the highest caliber.











Dan Severn, Ultimate Fighter, Professional Wrestler and Full Contact Trainer - 10th June 2003



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