Interview - Danny Sterling

I/V: Danny Sterling, DJ & Creator of Pro Wrestling TV: 11th November 2003

What's your background?

My background is in the entertainment industry. I was a rock and blues musician for 35 years.
I sing and play flute and blues harmonica. I learned the flute from an old jazz musician named Rahsaan Roland Kirk who also taught Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.

Bands I have played with include The Muddy Waters Band and The Animals with Eric Burdon.
I have also played with Robbie Krieger of The Doors and all the American legends of blues.

My musical website is: where you can find out more about my musical career

How did you get a break in the wrestling business?

I actually started webcasting music in 1996 on a show I started on FM radio in Boston in 1980 called The Mighty Music Machine.

Then in 1998 Steven Marx the lawyer for the RIAA (Recording Industry Of America ) contacted me and told me to stop webcasting music. He was the lawyer who later beat Napster into the ground. This hurt me deeply because for 35 years music was my life and now it seemed to turn on me.
So I turned to wrestling and started webcasting wrestling events. I've been a wrestling fan since 1974.

What are your aims and objectives?

One simple have fun !!!

What have been the highlights of your career?

Highlights of my wrestling career include meeting great wrestlers.

Just yesterday I spent the day with Road Warrior Animal, Greg The Hammer Valentine, Brutus The Barber Beefcake, Ox Baker, Ted Dibiase and The Barbarian.

Some of the most friendly bunch of guys you would ever want to meet. We all had a ball together just hanging around.

What are the most popular and profitable aspects of your website?

There is no profit involved in PWTV we do it as a free public service or a hobby if you will.

The most popular part of our website is the live webcast on Monday Nights. It's the high tech thing, the kids love it.

Who have been your biggest supporters?

Our biggest supporters have been the wrestlers themselves.

I have never been turned down for a promo or interview. These guys realize the power of networking together. In fact, Animal asked me if it would be ok to put the PWTV link at his website... I said yes of course.

Tell us about the interesting dealings you have had with the WWE / WWF?

I sort of anticipated this question.

We have caused two memos to slip by the desks of Vince and Linda McMahon in the past few years.
One was when we were told not to play any more WWF, WWE and WCW videos by the WWE lawyers in New York & Pennsylvania.

The other was when a WWF promoter threatened to break every bone in my body if I appeared at a certain WWF event. Things were worked out and we are now in good standing with the WWE.

What motivates you?

The sense of accomplishment, having fun and being creative.. The fact that at the end of every Monday night after our webcast we feel we have given something to the wrestling fans and gave it to them for free. It makes you feel good.

When I retired from music I needed something to release my creative juices and this is it. I have a video studio & lab at my home and all the webcasts are done from here.

How do you decide who you will do business with?

We have a very open minded policy here. ( not like the WWE...) We do business with everyone there are no closed doors here at PWTV.

What are your current projects?

We are working on a deal at present with NWA/TNA to bring their weekly TV show to the internet at our website.

This is an exclusive for you Greg because we have not told anyone about this deal yet as it is still being worked out.

What do you know about wresting in Australia?

I know The Fabulous Kangaroos were the guys who invented tag team wrestling. Al Costello was my favorite.

What else should we know about you and your operation?

That we are a free public service promotional webcast which means we do it as a labor of love. We pay all the bills ourselves. Maybe some day down the road we will make some money on our website but for now we enjoy what we are doing.

Sounds almost Un-American doesn't it ??? It shows you that not all Americans are capitalistic.

Danny, that's a few questions that come to mind.

Danny says...Thanks Greg it's been a real pleasure. If you need anything else I am at your service buddy. And Hey...Thanks for watching PWTV and thanks to all the wrestling fans down under. Someday I hope to visit your great country,
Gotta Jet...


Editors note: What a heck of a nice guy, that has done a great deal in this musical and wrestling media career. We look forward to more updates from DJ Sterling.


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