Interview - Steve Strout

Interview: Steve Strout, The World According To Us: 28th August 2003

In keeping with Media Man Australia's tradition of tackling any subject, we explore the world of producing pro wrestling television shows.

What's your background?

My only background is as a wrestling fan.

What are your aims and objectives?

My objectives are to get the word out that the WWE is not the only show in town. And we want to expose everyone to the Indy scene.

How, why and when did you break into the business?

Promoting wrestling was something I have always wanted to do since my early teens,when I went to my first Indy show,and saw that we can have great wrestling shows right in my hometown. I really thought I was the only kid around who wanted to get into the business,until a little over a year ago, I met my friend Joe. He told me that his buddy was training to actually wrestle, and get into promoting too. One thing led to another, and here we are getting our own scene going in our own hometown.

What media attention have you garnered to date, and recently?

We've contacted all the local papers and TV stations, and we are putting our first TV show, showcasing indy wrestling, on public access throughout CT.

What are the various divisions of your business?

Well, right now we only have our website,, and our TV show. We plan to start promoting live shows around the end of the year.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your role?

Id have to say the fact that I actually get to work in this business. Its always been a dream of mine to actually be in the pro-wrestling biz.

What are your tools of the trade?

Well to be honest, I'm new to this business ,ask me again in a couple years or so....hahaha

How has the internet assisted you in achieving your goals?

The internet has been our most powerful tool in getting this project off the ground. I mean, I have met so many helpful people ,and great wrestlers, that I couldn't have done without the internet.

Who are your biggest supporters and detractors?

Why? I don't think we have any detractors,yet....everyone we have dealt with concerning our project have all been very supportive.

Tell me about some of your best talent, other than yourself? : )

The best talent other than myself....hmmm....Im gonna have to say Taylor and Joe.

How have you made a positive difference?

I think bringing wrestling to my home town and exposing the fans to the great independent scene has made a difference..

What is your ultimate goal?

To help the future superstars of tomorrow.

Tell me a little about your business plan?

I've pretty much explained that. Were gonna use our site and TV show to expose fans to the indy scene, then were gonna give them the real deal.

Who do you consider your competitors?

We don't wanna compete. Were here to push the scene, and help the athletes achieve their goals. We all need to work together, not against each other.

Why are you a good team to do business with?

We work damn hard to do this thing.

What's some funny stories from the studio or from the road?

Like I said were just starting out, so I cant honestly answer that yet..

What are your current projects?

Right now were just compiling footage and getting info for the TV show and website.


Editors note: An interesting and honest interview with a young dude just starting out in the rough and tumble wrestling promoting business. Will he be another Vince McMahon, wrestling mogul or just another "flash in the pan". Don't bet against this "boy". He got his promoting right - he's in touch with Media Man Australia after all!


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