Interview - Michael Tancredi

I/V: Michael Tancredi, Founder of -
1st June 2003

What's your background, and that of Online Newspapers?

Onlinenewspapers, in the early days of the internet, established itself with the vision that as the internet offered the opportunity to gather information, news, data from all corners of the world and that, in time, hard-copy newspapers would not be able to resist being part of it. As an outcome of this we also foresaw that as more and more people began to use the net they would become lost in the maze so would need a central point from which to start their travels. Hence the online directory of newspapers was established and the domain name onlinenewspapers was secured.

If you hadn't already realised OnlineNewspapers is run out of Melbourne, Australia and is owned my Web Wombat ( Australia's first and amongst the worlds first internet search engines.

What are your aims and objectives?

Our aim is be the premier directory of online newspapers in the world.

What are your main achievements?

To be the number 1 result on Google when searching for the word "newspapers" and derivations. To regularly receive write ups from newspapers and magazines around the world and more recently being selected by the New York library as being amongst the 25 reference books and websites to be designated Best of Reference based on their usefulness in local branch reference work.

Also over the years we have built up a network of what I have called my "cub reporters" who keep me abreast of new news papers that come online and addresses for those we have already listed that have
changed or no longer exist.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online news?

Advantages - local news can be made available to anyone anywhere in the world who has access to the web.

Disadvantages - anyone can set up a website so there is the real difficulty of separating real news from rubbish.

From a business perspective it has opened up new opportunities that would never otherwise have existed.


Editors comment: new opportunities indeed, such as this interview which was conducted via the web, and the very creation of Media Man Australia.


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