Interview - Bernard Thompson, Chief Inspiration Officer: Bloody Clever Australians

Interview: Bernard Thompson, Chief Inspiration Officer: Bloody Clever Australians - August 2017


Bloody Clever Australians

Media Man continues to interview many of Australia's most innovator thinkers and doers. We know your going to hear a lot more about Bernie and his Blood Clever Australians. As is often the case we are amongst the very first to shine a global spotlight on newsworthy Aussie's.

Q. Why did you establish Bloody Clever Australians?

A. Because I, like most Australians are fed up with miss management of our nation’s future. The present answer to balance the nations books is to flog assets and or open the door to immigration and subsequent stamp duty collection with zero thought for infrastructure. Yes I know it (infrastructure) is happening slowly but our Federal, State and Local Government management approach is create the problem then crisis manage the solution. Blind Freddy can see that we need to be increasing manufacturing, productivity and exporting our resources. Our greatest resource is between our ears and we are bloody useless as a nation in terms of nurturing, farming and commercializing our intellectual capital. We think we are bloody clever but in OECD terms we are ranked 23 in the world in ‘cleverness’ and going backwards.

Q. So what’s the solution?

A. it all starts with education. Our battery hen approach to education is all about TER rankings. Creativity is bred out of children even though we are all born creative. Kids are told that future employment will be based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based subjects so become a ‘propeller head or else. Creativity comes naturally but it is undervalued and as a subject (Art) ranks as an elective at best. Parents know that if you play to their strengths you build self-esteem, confidence and the rest follows. Our approach is baffle them with bull shit so they can’t make head nor tail of the relevance of subject matter. Kids struggle through high school with NFI as to what they are going to do with their lives and go to TAFE or UNI as the only option. Then leave in the vast majority of cases with no idea what makes their ‘career tail wag’. It is a national tragedy.

School is about being prepared for life and excelling. We have to introduce vocational thinking early. My approach is through storytelling , potentially spark the imagination and in doing so help kids map a curriculum based pathway to their vocation .

Q. What will be the measure of success?

A. Ask the question ‘Do you know what you will be?’ Statistically record answers and through story telling see if the answer moves from no idea to some idea.

1 Are you living your vocational dream?
2 Do you have any idea?
3 Can we help you pursue your vocational dream?

Q. Why Cleverness?

A. Cleverness can be taught, it is a survival skill. It can be learned just like scripture, ethics or any other subject. I think Australians are bloody clever and if we get kids thinking about their future early through how other clever Australians took on the world we can create future entrepreneur’s and who knows, one day be the cleverest nation on the planet with a IP based economy.


Ed: there you have it. Now you now why you will be hearing a lot more about a very clever fellow named Bernie Thompson. Aussie's that still believe in real Australia and true Australian values would do very well to look more into his impressive Australians initiatives.


Bloody Clever Australians presentation


We have to get CLEVERER. Who knows, one day we might just be the cleverest nation on earth.


Bloody Clever Australians

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